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Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning made such a big splash in the feature film I Am Sam in 2001 that you probably didn’t realize she’d started her career the year before with guest appearances on shows such as Ally McBeal, ER, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Malcolm in the Middle,... full story

American Pastoral’s Dakota Fanning talks challenging roles, beauty standards and more

Dakota Fanning stars in American Pastoral, a feature film directed by Ewan McGregor and also stars Jennifer Connelly. Read our interview with the actress! full story

Steven Spielberg paid for Dakota Fanning’s Vegas birthday

Steven Spielberg paid for Dakota Fanning to go to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday.The 68-year-old filmmaker fulfilled a promise he made to the actress - who reached the milestone age in February - when they worked on 2005 movie 'The War of the Worlds'... full story

Dakota Fanning planning quiet 21st celebration

Dakota Fanning thinks she will just ''stay home'' on her 21st birthday.The 'Twilight Saga' actress reaches the milestone age in February 2015 but hasn't made any plans to celebrate yet, and she admits she gets so tired of being asked about it, she is ... full story

Dakota Fanning ‘super happy’ in her relationship

Dakota Fanning is ''super happy'' in her relationship.The 20-year-old actress - who has been dating British model Jamie Strachan, 33 for over a year - has revealed she has no problem with the 13-year age gap.When quizzed about her relationship, she to... full story

Dakota Fanning doesn’t ‘parade’ personal life

Dakota Fanning will never ''parade'' her personal life.The 20-year-old actress believes she's managed to stay grounded despite her childhood stardom because she doesn't divulge too much information about herself. Speaking to Town & Country magazin... full story

Dakota Fanning dating 32-year-old British model Jamie Strachan

Dakota Fanning, 19, was spotted holding hands with her new English model boyfriend, Jamie Strachan, 32, in New York City’s West Village last Thursday. The former child star, who has never had a public romance, recently opened up to Glamour magazine about her strict outlook on dating.... full story

Dakota Fanning’s ‘really good friend’

Dakota Fanning has a normal friendship with Kristen Stewart.The 18-year-old 'War of the Worlds' actress - who has starred in three movies alongside Kristen - has revealed that she doesn't talk about work with the 22-year-old 'Twilight Saga' star and t... full story

Dakota Fanning Marc Jacobs ad banned in the UK

A suggestive ad featuring Dakota Fanning holding a phallic-shaped bottle of Oh Lola! perfume by Marc Jacobs between her legs has been banned in the United Kingdom by the Advertising Standards Authority because they say that although Dakota is 17, “We considered she looked under the age of... full story

Dakota Fanning wants to work with Foster

Dakota Fanning is desperate to work with Jodie Foster. The 16-year-old actress shot to fame when she was a child, appearing in the 2001 movie I Am Sam opposite Sean Penn. She has since worked with Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington, Mike Myers and a... full story

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