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Emmy Rossum

Known for her role as Fiona on the hit television series Shameless, Emmy Rossum is perky and sexy, and her appearance has barely changed since her 2004 breakout role in the smash musical hit The Phantom of the Opera. full story

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum’s role as Fiona on the hit dramedy Shameless shows that playing the tough, but responsible mother figure can be pretty attractive. Fiona is doing her best at filling the role of being mom to her younger siblings, but it proves difficult as Fiona just wants... full story

Actress Emmy Rossum’s home burglarized

Emmy Rossum can be added to the list of celebrities whose homes have been burglarized in a recent crime wave that's hit the Hollywood Hills. Click to read more. full story

Emmy Rossum says she’s not ‘easy’

Emmy Rossum insists she's not ''easy'' like her 'Shameless' character.The 27-year-old actress stars as Fiona Gallagher in the US remake of the hit series and she's revealed that although she's had sex on a first date, she doesn't consider herself to b... full story

Emmy Rossum attracted to nerds

Emmy Rossum only fancies nerds.The 'Shameless' actress - who plays Fiona Gallagher in the hit US remake of the British TV show - says her type is a brainy guy who can teach her about the world, and admits she would never go after a typically... full story

Emmy Rossum’s husband files for divorce

Record company executive Justin Siegel has filed for divorce from Emmy Rossum, 23, just 19 months after they were secretly married. Court documents show they were married February 17, 2008, but kept their union under wraps for more than a year. They separated in August and Siegel... full story

The Phantom of the Opera

The 2004 musical drama The Phantom of the Opera, based on the stage hit, starred a young Emmy Rossum. Not only is Emmy beautiful, she also has an angelic voice. Listen to her sing “Think of Me” or the solemn “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.” Of... full story

Police called after Demi Lovato’s home nearly burglarized

Singer/actress Demi Lovato joins the growing list of celebrities who have had their L.A. homes broken into. Luckily, this time the burglar wasn't successful. full story

Cheeky sign gets Liam Neeson to show up at Vancouver shop

Actor Liam Neeson surprised a Vancouver sandwich shop by showing up to claim his free meal after the shop posted a photo claiming the star could eat for free! full story

People’s Choice Awards 2016 nominations are in!

The votes are in! People’s Choice Awards unveiled their list of nominees in a range of categories from movies, music and television to social media. Pop diva Taylor Swift is leading in the music artists category as she scooped four nominations including Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Pop Artist.... full story

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