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God Friended Me

A New York City radio host (Brandon Michael Hall) is the son of a reverend, but grew up to become a staunch atheist after his mother’s tragic death. One day he is friended by “God” on Facebook. Thinking it a joke, he accepts the bizarre request and... full story

Margot Robbie secretly weds boyfriend in Australia

Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie, 26, has married her boyfriend Tom Ackerley in a secret Australian ceremony. Check out details of their Gold Coast wedding here! full story

Tragic suicide note for Jim Carrey from girlfriend released

When Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend Cathriona White commited suicide last year, she left a suicide note for the actor. Nearly a year after her death, the contents of the note and her autopsy report have been revealed. full story

Seth Rogen’s wife files restraining order against ‘friend’

Seth Rogen's wife has filed a restraining order against a man who claims to be a friend of hers.According to court documents filed by Lauren Miller - who married the 30-year-old actor last year - Yasin Ajani has shown up at the couple's house twice, c... full story

Jennifer Lopez’s toilet seat request

Jennifer Lopez refuses to use any toilet unless it is fitted with her own special seat, according to reports.Apparently the star makes sure she always has access to her own potty cover to ensure a germ-free bathroom experience.A source told The Sun ne... full story

Mila Kunis accepts YouTube date request

Mila Kunis has accepted a YouTube request from a Marine asking for a date. U.S. soldier Sergeant Scott Moore taped himself inviting Mila to the Marine Corps Ball and uploaded it to YouTube on June 7. The video can be seen below. Mila heard about it for... full story

Autograph request made Emma Watson cry

Emma Watson had a “breakdown” when someone asked for her autograph on her first day at university. The actress is currently studying literature at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. She chose to continue her education in the U.S. rather than England because she thought students at... full story

Girlfriend of Inglourious Basterds star files restraining order

Michael Fassbender‘s girlfriend, Sunawin Andrews, has filed papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court to request a restraining order against the Inglourious Basterds star. The German-born actor played a British lieutenant in the movie. Andrews says she fears for her life after he broke her nose. According to the... full story

Boyfriend dumps Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn Spears may have to go through childbirth without her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge. In Touch Weekly reports that Casey, whom Jamie Lynn named as the father of her baby, has requested a paternity test. According to the magazine, a friend of the Spears family says, “Casey... full story

New movies in theaters – Kingsman: The Golden Circle and more

There's something for everyone with films such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The LEGO NINJAGO Movie and Friend Request hitting theaters this weekend! full story

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