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Helen Mirren – Queen Elizabeth II

Without the grey wig, wide glasses and crown, Helen Mirren looks nothing like Queen Elizabeth II. But when she played her in the biographical film The Queen, Mirren transformed into the monarch of England like she was born to play her. In an interview with Thought Co.,... full story

Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II

Unlike Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren did indeed secure Oscar gold for her portrayal of a Queen Elizabeth. Wholly unrecognizable as Britain’s current ruler, Helen went to impressive lengths to bring an accurate yet subtle likeness of Elizabeth II to the silver screen in The Queen (2006). Aside... full story

Helen Mirren’s stepson mistaken for husband

Dame Helen Mirren's stepson gets mistaken for her husband. The 70-year-old actress has revealed people got confused after she took 45-year-old Rio Hackford, the son of her 71-year-old husband Taylor, to the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday... full story

Dame Helen Mirren defends Academy

Dame Helen Mirren has defended the Academy over the lack of nominations for black actors and actresses at the Oscars.The 70-year-old star insists it is ''unfair'' to blame the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wholeheartedly for the lack of ... full story

Dame Helen Mirren takes ‘honest’ approach

Dame Helen Mirren tries to be ''as honest as possible.''The 'Trumbo' star believes the Internet has made it almost impossible to control your image nowadays, so she sees no point in trying to hide things from the public domain. She said: ''The whole c... full story

Helen Mirren thinks women need to stand up for themselves

Helen Mirren claims ''f**k off'' are the first words she would teach a little girl. The 70-year-old actress, who has no children with husband Taylor Hackford, has praised Jennifer Lawrence for recently penning an essay about inequality in Hollywood and... full story

Dame Helen Mirren’s ‘chemistry’ with Ryan Reynolds

Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds have ''chemistry." The actress has admitted her 'Woman in Gold' co-star - who has ten-month-old daughter with wife Blake Lively - would definitely be her ''type'' if she was younger. She gushed: ''I was l... full story

Helen Mirren envious of David Beckham’s legs

Helen Mirren is envious of David Beckham's legs. The 70-year-old actress insisted that she cannot wear shorts in public because she hates her short pins, which she compared to soccer star Wayne Rooney's. She told the Daily Mail: ''I woul... full story

Dame Helen Mirren meets wax models

Dame Helen Mirren came face-to-face with three wax models of herself. The 70-year-old actress made a visit to Madame Tussauds in London last night to view the three models - one of which was herself ready for the red carpet, with the other d... full story

Dame Helen Mirren has awards room at house

Dame Helen Mirren has joked she has a room in her house dedicated to her award wins. The cheeky 70-year-old actress has received so many prizes during her illustrious career she claims she has had an extension built on to her house dedicated to her st... full story

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