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Boy believes he’s a Hollywood reincarnate – watch the startling video!

Have you ever had a moment where you’re watching an old movie and you stop and think, “That’s me! I was there!” No? Well, in the case of 10-year old Ryan, he believes he’s the reincarnation of Marty Martyn, a former Broadway actor-turned-talent agent who died in 1964. NBC’s... full story

A Dog’s Journey as heartwarming as first film – Blu-ray review

The sequel A Dog’s Journey, featuring the voice of Josh Gad as the lovable dog Bailey, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Check out our review of the Blu-ray and bonus features! full story

The Art of Racing in the Rain is charming – movie review

The Art of Racing in the Rain starring Milo Ventimiglia and Amanda Seyfried is a sweet family movie that everyone, especially animal lovers, will enjoy. full story

Abyss, Season 1 – May 6

When they meet untimely deaths in separate incidents, Go Se-yeon and Cha Min, who don’t know each other, are brought back to life with the help of a soul-reviving marble called “Abyss,” but with different appearances. Go Se-yeon, a strikingly beautiful prosecutor, is reincarnated as an ordinary-looking... full story

Kyle Richards on childhood fame and producing American Woman

Former child star and current The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is producing a TV series about her mother, starring Alicia Silverstone. full story

Analyzing Superman’s return to the big screen in Man of Steel

Justice League hits theaters Nov. 17, 2017. In the meantime, why not take a stroll down memory lane and check out some highlights from 2013's Man of Steel? full story

A Dog’s Purpose is a heartwarming story – Blu-ray review

Narrated by Josh Gad, A Dog's Purpose is a film that discovers the meaning of a dog's existence. This is a movie guaranteed to have dog lovers of all kinds in love from opening to the finish. full story

New on DVD this week – The Comedian, Rings and more

If you love movies, you're going to like what's releasing on DVD this week. There's something for everyone whether you like comedies, thrillers or dramas. full story

New on DVD – Jackie, Moana and more

This week's DVD releases include two Oscar-nominated films, that also share an inspiring female lead. Click here to see more of the movies out on DVD today! full story

Get spooked by Blair Witch in this week’s new trailers

Are you a fan of horror, thrills, and suspense? Well then, this is a lucky week for you! We've got a brand new trailer for the long-awaited sequel Blair Witch, as well as for Morgan and Shut In. full story

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