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Jack Black not a good teacher

Jack Black isn't a good teacher.The 'School of Rock' star - who also fronts rock group Tenacious D - has been trying to teach music to his young sons Sammy, nine, and Thomas, seven, but doesn't think he has the right temperament to pass on his... full story

Jack Black reveals ghostly dreams

Jack Black is desperate to see a ghost before he dies. The Goosebumps actor - who plays R.L Stine, the creator of spooky book series, in the movie - admitted he was more wary of girls than ghouls during his younger years and would still love to... full story

Jack Black – School of Rock

Music lovers are no strangers to the music of Jack Black and his band Tenacious D. In this movie Jack plays an aspiring rock star who loves music and wants to be famous. Jack in real life has the luxury of being a movie star and a... full story

Jack Black waited 15 years to ask out wife

Jack Black waited 15 years to ask his wife on a date.The 43-year-old actor admits he was so shy as a teenager he couldn't even approach the woman of his dreams to start a conversation, despite having plenty of opportunities to seize the moment.Speakin... full story

Jack Black visits convicted murderer

Actors often go to great lengths to prepare for a role so when Jack Black was cast to play the title role in Richard Linklater’s upcoming film Bernie, based on real-life convicted murderer Bernie Tiede, Black decided that he needed to meet the man first-hand at the... full story

Jack Black’s surprise gift from Angelina Jolie

Jack Black revealed during a recent interview in Los Angeles that he and his wife Tanya once received a special surprise gift from Angelina Jolie. He recalled that three years ago, when the two were promoting the original Kung Fu Panda at Cannes, Angelina was approximately eight... full story

Jack Black does Office duty

In the tradition of pulling out all the stops for post-Super Bowl TV, The Office has snagged funny man Jack Black to guest star in the hour long episode, reports Entertainment Weekly. Producers aren’t releasing details about Black’s appearance, but NBC released a news statement about the... full story

Kung Fu Panda Jack Black Interview

Funnyman Jack Black kicks his way onto the big screen in the new animated film Kung Fu Panda. — By Bonnie Laufer-Krebs Shark Tale was your first voiceover experience, so obviously doing work for an animated film is something you enjoy. You are an actor who is used to... full story

Jack Black confirms Brangelina’s twins

It is official. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting twins on August 19, 2008. Jolie’s Kung Fu Panda co-star, Jack Black, revealed the news, saying to Jolie in an interview with Today‘s Natalie Morales: “You are going to have as many as [the] Brady Bunch when... full story

Samuel L Jackson slams casting of black British actor in Get Out

Samuel L Jackson is not happy about some recent casting choices of black British actors in African-American centered storylines. Read on to find out more. full story

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