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Director James Gunn warned people about James Toback

Guardians of the Galaxy director says he's been warning people about James Toback for years following an article detailing sexual abuse towards 38 women. full story

Director James Toback is Hollywood’s latest scandal

Following the Harvey Weinstein allegations, floodgates for victims of sexual abuse in Hollywood have opened, with James Toback the next man to be exposed. full story

Alec Baldwin admits he’s ‘sexist’ and ‘bullied’ women

SNL and Baby Boss star Alec Baldwin admits that he is guilty of being sexist towards women as well as bullying and overlooking them. Click to read more. full story

Dustin Hoffman apologizes after harassment allegation

Dustin Hoffman has apologized for his behavior following a column describing his treatment of a 17-year-old girl while she was an intern on set with him. full story

Brett Ratner accused of sexual harassment

Brett Ratner is the latest member of the film industry to be called out for sexual harassment and misconduct, this time by six women, including actress Olivia Munn. full story

Steven Seagal accused of sexual harassment by Lisa Guerrero

TV host Lisa Guerrerro has just revealed that action star Steven Seagal sexually harassed her in 1996 while she was working on his film Fire Down Below. full story

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