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A Million Little Things

The drama series A Million Little Things follows a group of deeply unhappy friends (James Roday, Romany Malco, David Giuntoli and Ron Livingston) who receive a serious wake-up call about life when one of their own tragically commits suicide. Wednesdays at 10 p.m.   full story

Ashton Kutcher gives $4 million to wildlife fund – watch!

Ashton Kutcher and his business partner shocked Ellen and the audience with a sizable donation to Ellen’s Wildlife Fund. Ellen could hardly contain her joy. full story

Million Dollar Quartet – Theater Review

Million Dollar Quartet premiered this week at the CAA Theatre (formerly the Panasonic Theatre) and it is something any early rock fan won’t want to miss. full story

Walt Disney Company buys 21st Century Fox for $66.1 billion

Disney just bought up Fox and most of its subsidiary segments in a whopping deal worth $66.1 billion, which includes all of your fave Fox films and TV shows. full story

The Lion King (1994)

This Disney classic has become a cherished childhood favorite for many. Dealing with adult themes of loss and betrayal, The Lion King is so much more than just a cartoon about animals in the jungle.    full story

Avatar sequels get $1 billion budget

James Cameron's Avatar sequels are reportedly getting a hefty combined budget of $1 billion, meaning each film will operate on an amount of $250 million each. full story

George Clooney sells tequila brand for $1 billion

George Clooney has sold his tequila brand Casamigos that he started simply because he wanted good tequila for himself, to a large company for $1 billion. full story

New movies in theaters – Lion, Sing and more

There are plenty of enticing films to catch in theaters this Christmas weekend, including Why Him? and A Monster Calls. Check out the full list of new movies here. full story

Timon and Pumbaa – The Lion King (1994)

Timon and Pumbaa are like milk and cereal, you just can’t imagine one without the other. They are the loudmouth meerkat and the dopey warthog who raise young Simba in the jungle when he is displaced from his pride following the tragic murder of his father, Mufasa.... full story

The remarkable true story of Saroo Brierley, Lion’s inspiration

The true story of a boy separated from his family and miraculously reunited with them 25 years later forms the basis of the new film Lion. Read the details here. full story

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