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Moviegoer shot dead for texting during Lone Survivor

If you ever go to the movies, you know how annoying it is when you’re trying to watch a movie while someone continuously uses their cell phone to text. Well, a man in Florida was so outraged that he pulled out a gun to put a stop... full story

Lone Survivor slays Hercules at weekend box office

Lone Survivor, starring Mark Wahlberg, took over as box office champ this past weekend, earning $38.5 million and a very high 4.5 star Tribute rating from visitors to the site. The animated (and Golden Globe-winning) movie Frozen was knocked to second place, taking in an additional $15... full story

Lone Survivor leads this week’s new releases

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to go see a movie, with three big ones opening today, as well as one limited release. Mark Wahlberg impresses once again in the war movie Lone Survivor, an action-packed film in which SO1 Marcus Luttrell (Wahlberg) and his team set... full story

Mark Wahlberg almost died filming Lone Survivor

Director Peter Berg revealed Mark Wahlberg had a brush with death while filming their upcoming war drama Lone Survivor. “I did blow him up, by accident,” Berg told Variety without going into further details. “That was close. We almost lost Mark, for real.” Not everyone avoided injury... full story

Robin Wright and Ben Foster engaged again

Robin Wright and Ben Foster's engagement is back on.The 'House of Cards' star and the 'Lone Survivor' actor went their separate ways in November but reunited a few weeks later, and the rekindled relationship is going so well that they are planning the... full story

Mark Wahlberg’s mother is not speaking to him

Mark Wahlberg has revealed he has fallen out with his mother.The 'Lone Survivor' star, who has five brothers, two sisters and three half-siblings, admitted his mom, Alma Wahlberg, who has often accompanied him to red carpet events and premieres in the... full story

Miss Peregrine employs powers for top prize at weekend box office

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children used its superpowers to snatch this weekend’s box office crown. Check out how much it made and which films it beat! full story

Power Rangers fan film could face legal action

A fan-made Power Rangers short film that went viral on YouTube and Vimeo this week could be facing legal action. The hyper-violent, 14-minute video, which was hosted by Vimeo, was removed by the website citing copyright issues just a few hours after the site gave the film a... full story

Emile Hirsch accused of assaulting film exec at Sundance

Emile Hirsch, 29, has been accused of allegedly assaulting a female movie executive at the Sundance Film Festival while there to promote his movie Ten Thousand Saints, about a teen who moves in with his father after his friend dies of a drug overdose. While partying at... full story

Son of God DVD review

Son of God is a beautiful retelling of the story of Jesus Christ, which features gorgeous cinematography. It opens with the Jewish people living under despotic Roman rule, being forced to pay taxes to Caesar. The Romans make quick work of any dissenters and kill even innocent... full story

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