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Jeff Bridges unsure whether to slow down

Jeff Bridges can't decide whether to relax or work harder as he is getting older.The 64-year-old actor worries his time is running out so thinks he needs to cram in as much as possible, but has a conflicting feeling that he doesn't want to end his... full story

The Art of Self-Defense a masculine takedown – movie review

Riley Stearns' dark comedy The Art of Self-Defense starring Jesse Eisenberg earns its black belt in this off-beat and hilarious takedown of hyper-masculinity. full story

91st Academy Awards – download your score sheet!

Tonight is the big night - the 91st Academy Awards ceremony. Click to get your Oscar score sheet so you can check off the winners as they're announced. full story

Will Smith on why he turned down The Matrix

Will Smith addresses a rumor via a vlog that he was approached by the Wachowskis to play Neo in The Matrix, and how the role went to Keanu Reeves instead. full story

Riverdale S3, Episode 3 review – As Above, So Below

Riverdale episode "As Above, So Below" finds Archie confined to solitary, Veronica opening a speakeasy and Jughead and Betty investigating a deadly game. full story

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. was cast in the legal comedy-drama Ally McBeal one week after he was released from a substance abuse treatment facility. He was instantly a hit on the show, but behind the scenes he continued to battle his addiction problems, later claiming he was at... full story

Henry Cavill stepping down from Superman role

Henry Cavill will reportedly no longer play Superman amid rumors that the studio behind the films is switching the focus to Superman’s cousin Supergirl instead. full story

GLOW stars Jackie Tohn, Britney Young, Sydelle Noel on S2

We chatted with GLOW stars Jackie Tohn, Britney Young, Sydelle Noel about wrestling, the current #MeToo climate and what viewers can expect in season two. full story

Alison Brie, Marc Maron on GLOW’s season 2 in #MeToo era

With season two of GLOW returning to Netflix, we chatted with Alison Brie and Marc Maron about how relevant the show is given the current #MeToo climate. full story

‘Roseanne’ cancelled following Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet

ABC has pulled the plug on the 'Roseanne' sitcom reboot after star Roseanne Barr released a racially charged tweet about former Obama aide Valerie Jarett. full story

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