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Max Irons refuses to work with his father, Jeremy Irons

Max Irons shudders at the thought of working with his father, Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons. The Red Riding Hood actor claims he will never work with his dad on set. In an interview with the Independent on Sunday, Max explained how difficult it would be to carry... full story

Bitter Harvest tells the story of the Holomodor – movie review

Bitter Harvest tells the love story between Yuri (Max Irons) and Natalka (Samantha Barks) set during the backdrop of the Holomodor, a mass forced starvation. full story

Win tickets for two to see Bitter Harvest

You can win free passes to the new movie Bitter Harvest, starring Max Irons, Samantha Barks and Terence Stamp, which opens on March 3 in select cities. full story

New on DVD this week – John Wick: Chapter 2 and more

This week’s selection of new releases on DVD and Blu-ray include John Wick: Chapter 2, the family-friendly The LEGO Batman Movie, Bitter Harvest and more. full story

New movies in theaters – Kong: Skull Island and more

Get ready for an enormously epic adventure in Kong: Skull Island, new in theaters today. Be sure to check out the full list of new movies this weekend! full story

Bitter Harvest director George Mendeluk talks filming in Ukraine

Canadian director George Mendeluk sat down with us to talk about his new film, Bitter Harvest, which is a love story set during the Holomodor in Ukraine. full story

New movies in theaters – Logan, Before I Fall and more

With films like Logan, Before I Fall and Table 19 opening up, there's something to satisfy any cinephile's craving. Click to see the full list of weekend releases! full story

New on DVD: Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Ex Machina and more

Coming out today is a collection of movies to keep your week and weekend occupied with films like Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Ex Machina and more. Where there is a mall in danger, he’ll be there. Paul Blart (Kevin James) is back in action in Paul Blart:... full story

This weekend’s releases – Get Hard, Home and more

If you’re wondering what’s out in theatres this weekend, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s your rundown of this weekend’s box office releases. James King (Will Ferrell) is a hedge fund manager wrongfully convicted of tax evasion in the comedy Get Hard. He turns to Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart),... full story

Exclusive: Catherine Hardwicke includes new ending on Red Riding Hood DVD

Red Riding Hood director talks about recreating a classic fairy tale for the big screen and all the good stuff the DVD has to offer, including an exciting new ending! —By Toni-Marie Ippolito Forget what you remember about the old Red Riding Hood tale you read as... full story

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