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Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan was once the go-to leading lady in romantic movies. She acted opposite Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally and played Tom Hank’s love interest in both You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle. In recent years, however, Ryan has abandoned her place in front... full story

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks reunite on set of new film Ithaca

Romcom favorites Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are once again playing lovers on-screen in Meg's directorial debut Ithaca. Check out a just-released photo of the couple on set! full story

Meg Ryan not looking for love

Meg Ryan is ''on a break'' from love. The actress - who was previously married to Dennis Quaid and dated Russell Crowe and John Mellencamp - isn't looking for a new relationship as she is so busy with her work and looking after h... full story

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan was a natural beauty who was considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood in her prime. As she aged, she underwent a variety of cosmetic procedures that unfortunately did not improve her appearance, but rather changed her for the worse. She went through... full story

Meg Ryan’s ex-boyfriend says she’s ‘an angel’

Meg Ryan's ex-boyfriend still thinks she's ''an angel.''The 'You've Got Mail' actress, who was previously married to Dennis Quaid and dated Russell Crowe, split from John Mellencamp in July after three years of dating, but he admits long periods apart... full story

Meg Ryan to star in new sitcom

Sleepless in Seattle star Meg Ryan will be returning to the small screen to star in a new NBC sitcom. The untitled comedy follows a former hotshot New York editor who returns to work after taking time off to raise her family, only to find her former... full story

Meg Ryan behind John Mellencamp marriage break up?

Following the announcement last week of rocker John Mellencamp’s split from his third wife, it now appears that actress Meg Ryan may be the reason. Ryan, 49, and Mellencamp, 59, were seen as early as last October walking arm-in-arm in New York City. Recently, they’ve been spotted on Martha’s Vineyard, an... full story

Meg Ryan insists she’s fine with aging, despite new face

Meg Ryan insists she’s not worried about finding movie roles now that she’s 47, even though she had a two year hiatus from work between 2005 and 2006, followed by the forgettable release, In the Land of Women. She told that she’s “very happy” at her current age. “Turning... full story

Netflix signs Ryan Murphy in multiyear deal

FX showrunner Ryan Murphy is moving to Netflix after signing a multi-year deal. He is already set to premiere two new original shows on Netflix this year. full story

Ryan Gosling thinks America needs a female president

Hey girl, you could be America's next president. Or at least Ryan Gosling thinks so. In a recent interview, the actor discussed his love for women and why he believes the next POTUS should be female. full story

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