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Molly Ringwald

At the height of her fame in the 1980s, Molly Ringwald just couldn’t escape the role as the angsty, sharp-tongued teenage girl whom she first epitomized in the coming-of-age film Sixteen Candles. Following her breakout role as Samantha Baker, Ringwald found herself cast in even more films... full story

Molly Ringwald doesn’t condone rape jokes in Sixteen Candles

Molly Ringwald has reevaluated some of her classic movies and revealed she doesn't approve of the inappropriate sexual assault humor in Sixteen Candles. full story

Luke Perry dies at 52 following massive stroke

Luke Perry, star of Riverdale and Beverly Hills, 90210, suffered a massive stroke last Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles. He died this morning at age 52. full story

Rom-Coms to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

With Valentine's Day approaching fast, why don't you pick a rom-com to get yourself in the mood? Here's what we recommend watching with your love or your squad on Netflix and Amazon Prime. full story

The Breakfast Club

A must-see classic from the ’80s! Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall star as five diverse students in Saturday detention in their school library. The library was built for the film in the gym of Maine North High School in Park... full story

Riverdale S3, Episode 6 review – Manhunter

Check out what our reviewer has to say about the Riverdale S3 episode Manhunter, in which Betty investigates the G&G and Archie realizes he needs to leave town. full story

Riverdale S3, Episode 3 review – As Above, So Below

Riverdale episode "As Above, So Below" finds Archie confined to solitary, Veronica opening a speakeasy and Jughead and Betty investigating a deadly game. full story

Riverdale review: Season 3, Episode 1 – Labor Day

Sit back and enjoy our review of the first season 3 episode of the Netflix series Riverdale, in which Archie Andrews stands trial for a murder he didn't commit. full story

Michael Schoeffling

You probably remember Michael Schoeffling best as Jake Ryan, the handsome senior who kissed Molly Ringwald over a birthday cake in the coming-of-age film, Sixteen Candles. This role catapulted the actor to instant stardom, which he followed up with a role as the leading man in Mermaids... full story

Pretty in Pink (1986)

Molly Ringwald was ahead of the pack in 1986. She and Blane (played by Andrew McCarthy) could be seen sending instant messages over a computer, complete with photos, in the film Pretty in Pink.       full story

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