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Ghostbusters director Paul Feig comes to Leslie Jones’ defense on Twitter

Following Leslie Jones' epic call out of sexist and racist Ghostbusters haters, director Paul Feig has come to the defense of his leading lady by creating the trending hashtag #LoveforLeslieJ. full story

What’s New on Netflix Canada – July 2019

As we swim into summer, let’s not forget some of our favorite shows & films that will be streaming on Netflix in July, including fan favorite Stranger Things 3. full story

Original Ghostbusters director developing multiple sequels

We're about to see a lot more of the Ghostbusters. Ivan Reitman, who directed the 1984 film, says that he is working on multiple sequels for the series. full story

Seven Shocking Celebrity Moments of 2016

Kim, Kanye, and Taylor, oh my! As we bid farewell to 2016, we've decided to look back at the moments that made the year truly memorable. Click here to see them all. full story

Leslie Jones shuts down ‘sexist’ Ghostbusters haters

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has taken to Twitter to slam all the haters of her all-female remake, imploring the "sick" trolls to think of their daughters when choosing to criticize a female-driven comedy. full story

New Ghostbusters franchise will be ‘endless’

With Ghostbusters set to hit theaters this coming Friday, the film's producer is generating some additional buzz by saying the new franchise will be 'endless.' Check out her full statement here! full story

Chris Hemsworth is ‘for sure’ a feminist

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, who often portrays ultra-masculine characters on screen, revealed that he's a feminist and cites his upbringing as the source of his balanced outlook. full story

Spy sneaks into the top spot at weekend box office

Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy Spy, which finds her teaming up again with her Bridesmaids director Paul Feig and co-star Rose Byrne, not to mention the likes of Jason Statham in his first comedy role, topped the weekend box office with an estimated $30 million. McCarthy’s movies have a history... full story

Sandra Bullock: ‘My son doesn’t think I’m funny’

Sandra Bullock's son doesn't find her funny.While the 48-year-old actress is known for her comedic roles, she admitted three-year-old Louis doesn't laugh at her jokes.She told E! News: "He doesn't find me funny at all!"The only time he think... full story

Bus crash on Sandra Bullock film set

A vehicle collision occurred on the set of Sandra Bullock's new film.A city bus slammed into an on-set trailer in the Roxbury section of Boston, United States where 'The Heat' is being made. The motion picture is about an FBI agent who teams with a lo... full story

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