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Sylvester Stallone as Rambo will take down ISIS in Last Blood

After months of debate on whether or not we will actually get a fifth Rambo movie, we have our answer. Sylvester Stallone announced this weekend at Comic-Con that his long awaited Rambo movie will be titled: Rambo V: Last Blood. Stallone also revealed some details regarding the plot,... full story

Sylvester Stallone to reprise role in Rambo: Last Blood

The Expendables actor Sylvester Stallone, 68, took to Twitter to announce that he will reprise his role as Vietnam veteran John Rambo in the upcoming Rambo: Last Blood. This will be the fifth Rambo film in the franchise, the original, appropriately titled First Blood, premiered in 1982. Stallone is set... full story

Rambo III (1988)/Rambo (2008) – 20 years

After turning John Rambo into more of a cartoonish and prototypical action hero of that era, Sylvester Stallone brought the character into modern times in 2008 with a fourth entry, simply titled Rambo. The 20-year gap between films helped Stallone hone it down to a project that... full story

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