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The Good Lie on DVD delivers true story with powerful, moving performances

One of the popular films at TIFF this year, The Good Lie is not your average American-woman-saves-the-day kind of film. The Good Lie brings to life the  heartbreaking, true story of the orphans of the 1983 civil war in Sudan who endured circumstances that are hard to imagine, let... full story

Charlie Sheen says ‘Good riddance Roseanne!’

Charlie Sheen says "good riddance" to Roseanne after the show was canceled following Roseanne Barr's racist tweet, and calls for a reboot of Two and a Half Men. full story

Julie Bowen: Sofia Vergara ‘too good looking’

Julie Bowen thinks Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are ''too good looking''.The 44-year-old actress - who stars alongside Sofia in 'Modern Family' - has commented on her co-stars' new boyfriend and joked that if the pair were to have children it wou... full story

Billy Bob Thornton not good enough for Angelina Jolie

Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie were married from 2000 to 2003. Thornton confessed on ABC’s Nightline why he blew it with the super star. “I didn’t think I was good enough for her,” said Thornton. “She has one way she wanted to live her life and I had... full story

Charlie Wilson’s War – Good Time Charlie

Born June 1, 1933, Charlie Wilson graduated eighth from the bottom of his class from the United States Naval Academy. He went on to serve in the U.S. Navy, but dropped out when he won the race for Texas State Representative in his home district. A Democrat,... full story

Angel Has Fallen flies to number one spot at the box office

The action picture Angel Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler came in first place at the box office this weekend. Click here to see which other movies made the list! full story

Bad choices result in big laughs from Good Boys – film review

Universal's Good Boys, starring Jacob Tremblay, offers up a flurry of juvenile laughs sure to elicit nostalgic and embarrassing memories from puberty. full story

Cuba Gooding Jr. to turn himself over to police today

Cuba Gooding Jr. has announced that he plans to turn himself over to the NYPD Special Victims Division today in relation to claims that he groped a woman. full story

‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ a feel-good action flick – Blu-ray review

Read our review of the action packed sequel Pacific Rim Uprising starring John Boyega, which is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download. full story

Burn Gorman talks Pacific Rim Uprising, Charlie Day and more

English actor Burn Gorman discusses his character Hermann Gottlieb’s return to the big screen in Pacific Rim Uprising, co-star Charlie Day and what’s next. full story

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