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The Legend of Tarzan – DVD review

New on Blu-ray and DVD this week is the action-packed wild adventure The Legend of Tarzan. Read our review here and pick up your own copy today! full story

New on DVD – Ghostbusters, The Legend of Tarzan and more

This week's new on DVD releases include Ghostbusters, The Legend of Tarzan, Ice Age: Collision Course and more great titles for hours of at home entertainment! full story

New movies in theaters – The Legend of Tarzan and more

Spend Canada Day at the movies this year! Check out The Legend of Tarzan, The Purge: Election Year, The BFG, Swiss Army Man and more. full story

The Legend of Tarzan aims high – reviewer to reviewer

Check out what our Tribute team members have to say about The Legend of Tarzan. Our social media coordinator and writer go head to head, not unlike Tarzan in the heat of battle. full story

The Legend of Tarzan director David Yates talks about filming in Africa

David Yates has directed four installments of the Harry Potter film series and he’s returning to the world of wizards with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, based on a screenplay written by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. In between those movies, he’s been busy directing an epic... full story

The Legend of Tarzan thrills among this week’s new trailers

This week may not have been loaded with new trailers, but the glimpses we were afforded certainly entertained. Check out the list of new trailers here! full story

The Legend of Tarzan’s second trailer swings onto the web

The second trailer for The Legend of Tarzan has arrived and with it, wildly enticing action sequences featuring faceoffs between both man and animal and man and man. full story

Steamy new Legend of Tarzan photos – first look!

The first photos for the new Tarzan movie, The Legend of Tarzan, have been released by Warner Bros. through USA Today and they are hot! Alexander Skarsgård‘s abs are featured prominently in both of these steamy shots, and in one of them, he’s shown getting up close with... full story

Alexander Skarsgard reveals drastic Tarzan diet

The Legend of Tarzan star Alexander Skarsgard reveals that although he had to consume more than 7,000 calories to bulk up, he then was relegated to much smaller rations during filming. full story

The true story of Edgar Rice Burroughs and how Tarzan swung into motion

The story behind the man who first gave Tarzan life is often cast behind the Lord of the Ape's shadow. To learn more about Edgar Rice Burroughs and how Tarzan was developed, read on. full story

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