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Win one of five The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death books

Do you love reading horror novels? Hitting theatres today is the thriller The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. We are giving five winners a chance to own a copy of this book. Forty years after the events of the first film, a group of children... full story

Tribute talks to Daniel Radcliffe at the Woman in Black Toronto premiere

Daniel Radcliffe has taken on his first post-Harry Potter film role with The Woman in Black, in which the 22-year-old plays the father of a little boy. To promote the scary new thriller, whose tag line is “Do You Believe in Ghosts?”, Daniel came to Toronto to Scotiabank Theatre... full story

New on DVD – Men in Black International and more!

The first Tuesday in September offers a great assortment of DVD/Blu-rays for your home viewing pleasure, including Men in Black: International and more! full story

Wonder Woman (2017)

Much like Black Panther, Wonder Woman became a huge success in dispelling long-held beliefs in Hollywood that female superheroes could not be moneymakers. Thanks to box office flops such as Catwoman and Elektra, the market for female superheroes was suppressed, until director Patty Jenkins showed that people... full story

Black Earth Rising Season 1 (Jan. 24)

Kate Ashby (Michaela Coel) was rescued from the Rwandan genocide by a British woman when she was a small child. The woman, a renowned lawyer, adopted Kate and raised her as her own. Now grown and working for a lawyer (John Goodman), Kate is trying to discover... full story

Black Panther a stellar superhero film – Blu-ray review

Black Panther is a Marvel film that was long overdue. The diverse and stellar cast created a new superhero blockbuster film that will long be remembered. full story

New on DVD – Black Panther, The Forgiven and more!

Attention all movie fans! Check out this week’s new Blu-Ray and DVD releases, including the blockbuster hit Black Panther, The Other Side of Hope, and more! full story

Andie MacDowell on Womanhood, Spirituality and Love After Love

Andie MacDowell talks about her role in the new limited release, Love After Love, as well as about juggling her career with her role as a mother of three children. full story

Riddler and Catwoman

The Riddler is one of Gotham’s most feared masterminds and one of Batman’s most dangerous adversaries. As his costume suggests, his thing is puzzles and riddles. He possesses no superhuman abilities, but his ability to decipher complex riddles and puzzles is almost superhuman.  Catwoman is proof that... full story

Pitch TV series about first woman in Major League baseball

A woman will finally play in Major League Baseball. Click to find out more about Pitch, Fox's ambitious new fall series. You can also watch a sneak peek video. full story

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