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Toy Story 4 easily repeats as the top film at the box office

Pixar's Toy Story franchise easily overcame Annabelle Comes Home and Beatles nostalgia in the form of Yesterday to keep the top spot at weekend box office. full story

Toy Story 4 goes to infinity and beyond at the box office

The Toys are back in town in Toy Story 4, a decade after their last adventure as the trail-blazing series continues to soar to new heights for Disney and Pixar. full story

New movies in theaters – Toy Story 4, Child’s Play and more

A playful weekend lies ahead as Hollywood gives audiences new toys for audiences to be entertained with highlighted by Toy Story 4 and Child's Play. full story

Toy Story 4 – June 21

After bidding farewell to Andy 10 years ago, Woody, Buzz and all your favorite toys are back for another adventure in Toy Story 4. This time around they’re joined by an original creation of Bonnie, but are lost on a road trip and must make their way... full story

Toy Story 4

Although not much is known about this latest installment in the Toy Story franchise, fans agree they are looking forward to it! What we do know is that the main voice cast is returning as our favorite Toy Story characters.  full story

Toy Story 3: Ken’s Dating Tip #48

Ken from Toy Story 3 shares his Dating Tips for Today’s Bachelor. Tip #48: Communication is Key full story

Toy Story 3: Ken’s Dating Tip #24

Ken from Toy Story 3 shares his Dating Tips for Today’s Bachelor. Tip #24: Know Yourself, Be Yourself. full story

New on DVD – Solo: A Star Wars Story, Uncle Drew and more

Check out all the new DVD and Blu-ray releases this week, including the highly anticipated film Solo: A Star Wars Story, the comedy Uncle Drew and more! full story

Toy Story Land opens at Walt Disney World!

Toy Story Land has opened at Walt Disney World in Florida - click through for coupons for Disney World and Disneyland, as well as to enter for Toy Story toys! full story

Toy Story (1995)

The story of Andy and his toy cowboy Woody defined a generation. Toy Story has it all: laughs, tears and, of course, toys! It’s one of the cherished animated classics among kids and adults alike, so cherished in fact that it spawned another three sequels – Toy... full story

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