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The true story behind the Amityville Horror House

Have you ever wondered the true story behind the house featured in the Amityville horror movies? It was the scene of a multiple murder, but is it really haunted? full story

Hidden Figures book review – the true story behind the movie

If you enjoyed the movie Hidden Figures, or were waiting to read the original book first before watching it on DVD/Blu-ray, check out our review! full story

The heartbreaking and inspiring true story behind Jackie

Click here to read the harrowing true story of Jacqueline Kennedy, the inspiration behind the historical drama Jackie, which hits select theaters today. full story

The remarkable true story of Saroo Brierley, Lion’s inspiration

The true story of a boy separated from his family and miraculously reunited with them 25 years later forms the basis of the new film Lion. Read the details here. full story

The outrageous true story behind War Dogs

The new dramedy War Dogs, in theaters tomorrow, stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller as two real-life arms dealers who got in way over their heads with a multi-million dollar contract with the U.S. government. full story

The true story of Sully – Chesley Sullenberger

Chesley Burnett Sullenberger successfully landed an airplane on the Hudson River after its engines were rendered ineffective following a collision with geese. The event forms the basis for the upcoming film, Sully. full story

The true story of Edgar Rice Burroughs and how Tarzan swung into motion

The story behind the man who first gave Tarzan life is often cast behind the Lord of the Ape's shadow. To learn more about Edgar Rice Burroughs and how Tarzan was developed, read on. full story

The true story behind Free State of Jones

Matthew McConaughey stars in Free State of Jones, a drama based on the inspiring true story of Newton Knight and his pro-Union rebel army during the Civil War. Read on to learn the true story behind the movie! full story

The true story of the Enfield Poltergeist seen in The Conjuring 2

Read the true story of the Enfield Poltergeist, an unseen force that terrorized the Hodgson family in 1970s Britain and serves as the basis for the upcoming thriller The Conjuring 2. full story

The bizarre true story behind Elvis & Nixon

Find out the true story behind the upcoming historical comedy Elvis & Nixon, starring Michael Shannon as Elvis Presley and Kevin Spacey as President Richard Nixon. full story

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