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Viggo Mortensen – Aragorn, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

With The Lord of the Rings as one of the most iconic film trilogies of all time, it’s a wonder that Viggo Mortensen’s memorable performance as Aragorn happened because the original actor, Stuart Townsend, was fired on the first day of filming. It wasn’t even an issue with... full story

Viggo Mortensen, Peter Farrelly ham it up at Green Book world premiere

The movie Green Book may be a drama, but the cast and crew were all jokes on the red carpet on Tuesday night at TIFF. Fan favorite Viggo Mortensen stars in the movie. full story

Viggo Mortensen visits Tribute suite Day 6

Day 6 of the Toronto International Film Festival was filled with visits to the Tribute suite by directors and actors, as they told us about the movies they brought this year to TIFF. Viggo Mortensen stopped by with Reda Kateb, the co-star of his film Far From Men, as well as director David Oelhoffen. Kalki Koechlin […] full story

Kirsten Dunst spills beans on Viggo Mortensen

Kristen Dunst likes to have a ''knight in shining armor'' on standby.The 'Two Faces of January' actress, who previously dated Jake Gyllenhaal and is currently in a relationship with Garrett Hedlund, admits she enjoys letting the men in her life take c... full story

Viggo Mortensen causes panic in airport

Viggo Mortensen, who most famously played Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, frightened fellow passengers at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. last Sunday when he started screaming. Having grown up in Argentina, Mortensen is an avid fan of the San Lorenzo soccer team, but... full story

Viggo Mortensen tricks Elijah Wood

Viggo Mortensen, who’s known as being quite the prankster and for keeping up spirits on set with his practical jokes, says, “There’s no sense in doing something, especially if it’s a hard job, if you can’t have a little fun.” He played a wicked joke on Elijah Wood, his The Lord of the Rings trilogy co-star. “One time, […] full story

Viggo Mortensen denies he’s quitting acting

At the TIFF press conference promote his new film The Road, Viggo Mortensen angrily denied that he’s quitting acting. A prolific actor who’s had films screening at the Toronto festival for the past several years, he told reporters how the rumor got started. “I was just honest... full story

TIFF fan gets lucky with Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen played piano this week in the Sutton Place Hotel lobby while in Toronto for the film festival. He went unnoticed until a Reuters photographer spotted him and began snapping pictures. A crowd of fans began to gather, and one asked what he was playing. He answered,... full story

Mortensen breaks sad news to co-star

Viggo Mortensen, currently in Toronto to promote his new film, Eastern Promises, is gearing up to star in a movie called Appaloosa, about a guy and his horse. He has previously starred in two other movies in which his co-stars were horses, including Hidalgo. “I did buy... full story

Mortensen looking for horse co-star

Viggo Mortensen is reuniting with Ed Harris, his A History of Violence co-star, and Diane Lane, whom he worked with in Walk on the Moon, for a new western titled Appaloosa. Harris will not only co-star but will direct as well. Mortensen, an avid rider, owns horses... full story

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