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Will Ferrell

His lines are quotable, his movies are hilarious and his screaming deliveries are iconic. Will Ferrell sticks almost exclusively to comedies, which is understandable, considering his background in the genre. He almost always plays the loud, nonsensical fool who acts like a crude, overgrown child, but he... full story

Will Ferrell says Mariah Carey was a diva on The House set

During a talk show appearance to promote his movie The House, Will Ferrell revealed that Mariah Carey was a diva on set, delaying production with her demands. full story

Will Ferrell – Wedding Crashers (2005)

Are we the only ones who immediately began repeating “Ma?! Where’s the meatloaf?!” after watching Will Ferrell’s priceless cameo in Wedding Crashers? The fearless SNL alum pops up about two thirds into the film as Chazz, the legendary Wedding Crasher Extraordinaire who taught Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) everything... full story

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith

Will Ferrell is one of the most famous comedic actors out there right now. He keeps turning out hit comedies and shows no signs of slowing down. Will is sometimes mistake for Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith. Looking at the two side by side you... full story

Will Ferrell receives Walk of Fame star

Will Ferrell found getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ''surreal.'' The actor was joined by his wife Viveca Paulin, 45, and their three sons, Magnus, 11, Mattias, eight, and Axel, five, as he was honored with one of the famous spot... full story

Will Ferrell on fatherhood

Will Ferrell thinks fatherhood is like ''running a prison.'" The actor believes raising Axel, five, Mattias, eight, and Magnus, 11, with whom he has with wife Viveca Paulin, is similar to being in charge of a correctional facility for crimi... full story

Will Ferrell reveals what scares him

Will Ferrell is terrified of ghosts.The 47-year-old actor rented a house in New Orleans while filming 'The Campaign' and used to go ''looking'' for spooks every night and beg them to stay away from him.He said: ''The person who rented it to me said ma... full story

Will Ferrell doesn’t care about his appearance

Will Ferrell doesn't ''give a s**t'' how he looks.The 47-year-old comedian recently gatecrashed the birthday party of a 100-year-old woman at an assisted living facility in Los Angeles - where he sang alongside two elderly women - and he insists such ... full story

Meryl Streep has ‘the biggest crush’ on Will Ferrell

Meryl Streep has ''the biggest crush'' on Will Ferrell. The 'Mamma Mia' actress - who married sculptor Don Gummer in 1978 - has developed a soft spot for the 'Anchorman' star, 47, after watching his comedies and even prefers him to 34-year-old Hollywo... full story

Will Ferrell angers New Yorkers

Shooting on Will Ferrell's new movie has angered New York residents.The 46-year-old actor is currently filming 'Sleeping With Other People' - which is is producing along with Adam McKay - with Amanda Peet, Natasha Lyonne and Jason Sudeikis and househo... full story

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