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Robin Williams suffered panic attacks

Robin Williams suffered from panic attacks before taking his own life. The late actor's widow Susan Schneider admits he seemed to be losing control in the months before he committed suicide in August 2014 and had a severe anxiety attack when he noticed... full story

Robin Williams’ daughter saddened by Cathriona White suicide

Zelda Rae Williams, the daughter of late actor and comedian Robin Williams, has been speaking out about suicide since her father took his own life last year on August 11, 2014. The 26-year-old actress, known for Nine Months and House of D, felt compelled to voice her concerns again following... full story

Maisie Williams had bad online experience

Maisie Williams blames the Internet for the ''worst year of her life.'' The 'Game of Thrones' actress admits she engaged in an anonymous war of words with someone she didn't get along with via Formspring - a question-and-answer-based social networking ... full story

Patrick Swayze unhurt in anthrax scare

Patrick Swayze, who had enough on his plate with his cancer battle, found himself in the midst of an anthrax scare in Chicago yesterday. He was filming at the Berwyn police station when a Comcast employee brought a package leaking white powder into the building. Police Chief... full story

Captain America: Civil War – Movie Review

In Captain America: Civil War, the government wants to control the Avengers and force them to get permission before they act. Read our review of this new blockbuster! full story

The true story behind the movie Race starring Stephan James

The 1936 Berlin Olympics were expected to be a global statement for Aryan supremacy. Adolf Hitler publicly predicted the success of his Teutonic athletes and privately criticized America for its use of African American athletes. But it would be those very athletes who would secure America’s revolutionary... full story

Star Wars VII adds two more actors

The Force is strong for two young actors recently cast in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII. American actress Crystal Clarke and British actor/parkour enthusiast Pip Anderson won the parts out of the 37,000 who auditioned at the open casting call and the over 30,000 people who... full story

Winter’s Tale DVD/Blu-ray review

Director/screenwriter Akiva Goldsman did not originally plan to direct Winter’s Tale, but when he finished writing the screenplay, he felt he would be the only right fit as director. Fitting, as the film revolves around destiny, tough decisions and gut instincts. Winter’s Tale is a love story... full story

Bonnie & Clyde TV miniseries DVD review

The tale of the infamous young couple who went on a killing spree is brought to life in the TV miniseries, Bonnie & Clyde. Obviously, the beloved movie classic from the ’60s cannot be replaced, but a different take on the tale appeals to younger audiences. Bonnie Parker, played... full story

The Host on DVD/Blu-ray

The Host is a sci-fi movie about aliens who don’t have bodies, but travel from world to world, inhabiting the bodies of other species. It’s based on the bestselling book by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. Irish actress Saoirse Ronan plays the starring role as Melanie, a human... full story

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