Abigail Breslin: Don’t photograph me eating

Abigail BreslinAbigail Breslin doesn’t like it when people try and secretly take photos of her when she’s eating in restaurants.

The Maggie star is always happy to pose for photos with fans when they ask her but she finds it very frustrating when she spots people trying to get a snap of her snacking in public.

In an interview with Prestige Hong Kong magazine, she said: ”I never usually mind when someone wants to take a photo with me. I think it’s really cool, and it’s always nice to hear when somebody says they’ve seen something you’ve done. But what I don’t like is when people try and take secret pictures, or to photograph you slyly. Then I’m like, ‘All right, come on, either say something or don’t do it at all.’

”The other day I was at a pizza place and there were two girls Googling me while they were standing right in front of me, like I couldn’t hear. People try and mask it by pretending they’re looking at their phone, but nobody holds up a phone five inches from their face. I want to say to them, ‘If you want a photo, just ask me, don’t do it while I’m taking a bite of something.’ ”

Abigail – who shot to fame as a child actress in Little Miss Sunshine – insists she hasn’t let fame change the way she lives her life and isn’t wary about letting new friends into her life.

And the star credits her family, especially her parents Kim and Michael, for keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground.

She said: ”My family has definitely kept me grounded. And my friends … I have a lot of friends who aren’t in the business at all, people I grew up with in New York, as well as others I’ve met on movies or through work.

”I used to be more cautious about new people, wondering if people were sincere or not. But if you think that way, you’ll never have a lot of friends. I have to give people the benefit of the doubt. If I look at most people who are trying to befriend me – what are they getting from it anyway? It’s not like I’m a multi-billionaire, like if you’re my friend I’ll get you a car. But sure, there are definitely people – and you can tell immediately – who are maybe just trying to get press. You can usually find out pretty quickly and weed them out early on.”

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  1. Snepts • February 3, 2016 @ 6:33 PM

    I can do that.

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