Abigail Breslin slams Gold’s Gym for body shaming ads

Abilgail BreslinAbigail Breslin is taking an impassioned stance against Gold’s Gym and their latest line of ads.

Gold’s Gym has a franchise in Egypt called “Dreamland,” which has come under fire for a set of body shaming ads posted on Facebook.

One of the ads displayed a pear with the caption, “This is no shape for a girl.” In response, Abigail posted a screenshot on Instagram, saying, “Things like this are the reason 9 year old girls develop eating disorders.”

She also posted about another ad, showing the silhouette of an obese woman eating a drumstick, and a fit woman inside of her with the caption, “Challenge yourself.”

“WOW @goldsgym how about CHALLENGE YOURSELF to not be a body shaming, ignorant, mean spirited company?” she responded.

Gold’s Gym took responsibility, posting a long apology letter and ending their Dreamland franchise agreement.

“Words cannot express how shocked and appalled we were by the recent posts of Gold’s Gym Dreamland,” they wrote. “For years we have been dedicated to helping people feel empowered by fitness, not intimidated or ashamed by it.”

Click on the Instagram posts down below to view the ads, along with Abigail’s responses. ~Natalia Makarski

WOW @goldsgym how about CHALLENGE YOURSELF to not be a body shaming, ignorant, mean spirited company?

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Comments & Discussion

  1. JudgeJudy • August 18, 2016 @ 9:17 AM

    Even though Abigail was the one flaw of August: Osage County (she simply can’t act), I respect her for addressing these disgusting ads.

  2. Samantha Lauzon • August 18, 2016 @ 10:36 AM

    #Disgusting even if perpetrated by a subsidiary of #GoldsGym the as had to be approved before it could be released using the Gyms trademarked logo. I hope the person/s responsible were let go.

  3. Shirley • August 18, 2016 @ 10:56 AM

    Good for you Abigail for using your status in taking on a big company. I hadn’t seen the adds but you are right, this is body shaming.

  4. Terry • August 18, 2016 @ 12:35 PM

    Good on Abigail for taking this up as her cause. Gold’s Gym should be boycotted by all females and also by males who support their female counterparts. Gold’s Gym is probably owned and run by muslims since they are slamming women in a country that does not adhere to, nor condone that mindset. But they sure like to take the money from females buying a membership to their gym’s, don’t they!!!

  5. Mike Hunt • August 18, 2016 @ 1:20 PM

    So what?
    Neither shape on a woman is healthy.
    When you defend people who are so grossly obese that they have major health risks, you are just making excuses for them, and not helping them face the facts.
    Being obese is not healthy. And contrary to what the lard bucket in “My Big, Fat, Fabulous Life” says- they aren’t happy.
    How can anyone who gets stuck in chairs (if they can get their huge butts into them), has to ride a scooter in a grocery store( if they can find one to handle their weight) or has a hard time reaching the crevices between the rolls of fat in their body to clean themselves ( or wipe their bottom)- think thye are having a good life.
    I get sick when I watch that girls’ show…and her over indulgent parents make it obvious how she was over-indulged as a child. Her excuse for being such a tub is “polycystic-ovary disease”. She just likes being a pig.
    Sorry, but these ads are just pointing out the obvious. And nobody should get all huffy about it.
    The gym is trying to motivate people to get off their butts to do something about their weight.
    Truth hurts eh?

  6. Kate • August 18, 2016 @ 1:31 PM

    No maybe being overweight might not be healthy the jury is still out on this neither is being supper skinny. The problem is that it should not be anyones place to judge and make fun. Thinking that making fun is a worse offence. Show us your face let us judge ignorance is a heavy offence and should come with a stiff sentence. Making money off this bullying should be illegal. Maybe if things like this were not so common place the world would be a nicer place. If overweight people disgust you just think how you must disgust them.Hope they do boycott this company would wake them up.

  7. Kate • August 18, 2016 @ 1:38 PM

    Conmgratulations the Abigail for her kindness and insight into how wrong this type of nastiness to actually be used in a promo ad. As for the comment made by Mike such a shame that along with compassion and understanding some without both feel the power to judge others. The idea that people ride mobility scooter simpy because they are overweight is insane. Hoping or maybe wishing you can experience the lack of humanity in your own travels that you seem to spew how different your outlook will be if you are the victim

  8. Vena Silliphant • August 18, 2016 @ 3:36 PM

    I feel sorry for Mike. He obviously lives in a society where people are judged only on their youth and beauty. Too bad that you will have to kill yourself when you hit 50 or put on those extra 30 lb. Something tells me that Mike wouldn’t be “acceptable” in a society where people were judged on their personality, compassion or intelligence.

  9. Disgusted • August 19, 2016 @ 2:06 AM

    I’m f***ing disgusted… But not by the ad. Seriously, what’s wrong with the ad? Isn’t it real that a pear is not a shape for a woman (or any human being for that matter)? I’m disgusted by the fact that some f***ing retards (more and more) are encouraging people to get sickly overweight, or at least not trying to stay fit and in good health, and thus developing all kinds of physical conditions just under the cover of what SHOULD be politically correct? Hey Abigail Breslin, they’re not talking about pushing women to look like skeletons here. They’re simply stating what should be an obvious truth for everybody. Stay fit, get in shape, do exercises instead of lying on the couch eating ice cream and chips like an overgrown jabba the hutt slime and stay healthy. And if you’re against that, then YOU have a serious problem!

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