Alec Baldwin arrested for punching man, who went to hospital

By Marriska Fernandes on November 2, 2018 | 17 Comments

Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin, 60, was arrested this afternoon (Nov. 2) in NYC.

The 30 Rock star was enraged when another driver took a parking spot he was about to use on East 10th Street between University Place and Broadway.

According to TMZ, Baldwin had a friend holding the spot for him, but a man swooped in and parked. A heated argument followed and Baldwin punched the man in the face.

The 49-year-old victim was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, while Baldwin was arrested, handcuffed and taken to a holding cell at the NYPD’s 6th Precinct in Greenwich Village. A source told TMZ that the actor yelled, “F*** off” during the fight.

This is just the latest in a series of angry outbursts for the actor. In the past, he’s had public confrontations with photographers and was arrested in 2014 after two police officers stopped him for bicycling the wrong way down a street.

Although he was belligerent, screaming, “Don’t you know my taxes pay your salary?” and “Can’t you get that around your f***ing head,” he was only charged with “disorderly conduct and going the wrong way on a one-way street.” He also complained to the police officers’ supervisor, asking how old they were because, “They don’t even know who I am.” ~Marriska Fernandes

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  1. Mary • November 3, 2018 @ 1:20 PM

    He is an arrogant ASSHOLE Can not stand him!!!!

  2. Lola Cherson • November 3, 2018 @ 6:47 PM

    So sad. He’s one of our mos prolific actors and is the rare actor who makes very large contributions to off-Broadway theater groups, the NY Philharmonic and other non-profits. No excuse for this behavior.

  3. Mike • November 3, 2018 @ 11:22 PM

    And this prick is making fun of President Trump??

  4. Tom • November 4, 2018 @ 8:05 AM

    What an asshole he should stay locked up!!!!!!

  5. lorena S • November 4, 2018 @ 9:33 AM

    Now they’re saying that it was mutual combat. Maybe we should wait until the truth comes out before we judge him. He’s a great actor and not hard to look at….love you Alec.

  6. Ann • November 4, 2018 @ 10:23 AM

    He is one of those actors that got to big for their britches!!! Thinks we are to worship the ground he walks on, well i got news for him this life on earth is a temporary one, he better start thinking about treating people with love and respect while he can.

  7. Carol Sayles • November 4, 2018 @ 11:08 AM

    I think he needs some anger management classes, he is a good actor & a good man, give him a break…

  8. eric • November 4, 2018 @ 2:20 PM

    now i know where he gets his inner voice to play Trump

  9. Anita Imazumi • November 4, 2018 @ 3:24 PM

    Wonder why his wife is still married to him. He was vulgar to his daughter with Kim Bassinger. Hillaria needs to get away from this violent, angry beast. His present wife needs to think about her children and if he loses it with them, then that would be upsetting and this man needs a frontal labotamy.

  10. jill • November 4, 2018 @ 5:52 PM

    worse things going on in the world – get over it

  11. CatherineClay.Com • November 5, 2018 @ 5:29 AM

    Jolly good show!!! He was off Broadway and showed his derrire. The freedom to make fun of trump, the money he makes that Does do some good things… Butt the list of FU chit is tragic worst of all drunk dialing his daughter and talking chit about Kim. I hope she gets alimony.

  12. Catherine Clay • November 5, 2018 @ 5:30 AM

    Jolly good show!!! He was off Broadway and showed his derrire. The freedom to make fun of trump, the money he makes that Does do some good things… Butt the list of FU chit is tragic worst of all drunk dialing his daughter and talking chit about Kim. I hope she gets alimony.

  13. GD • November 5, 2018 @ 3:20 PM

    I think he may have an issue with cocaine or other drugs. The Baldwin’s had a pretty wild upbringing where one of them indicated he was lucky he wasn’t killed several times over. He may also have mental health issues too fuelling his anger and actions. I do not think he’s too big for his britches either because you never see him acting entitled to anything. He’s got issues that are separate from his acting and tame in comparison to people like Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein or those who did really slimeball crap. He punched someone and although it sounds over something dumb as a parking spot maybe that guy did something legitimate that we don’t know about that earned him the punch and then again maybe Baldwin just went off. In which case he’ll have to face consequences. I wonder if a pending assault case will keep him out of Canada for his Roy Thomson Hall gig?

  14. Leonard F Tenisci • November 5, 2018 @ 7:14 PM

    Come on Baldwin, you’re an actor not a god.
    Try to be humble once in a while – you’ll feel good about yourself.

  15. Outstanding • November 6, 2018 @ 10:26 AM

    Man,playing Trump on SNL is playing out in the real world

  16. Gordon Bagley • November 6, 2018 @ 12:20 PM

    He is a good actor but he’s and arrogant a*******.

  17. CDubya • November 6, 2018 @ 3:39 PM

    Ya that’s it, punch everyone who does wrong by you. I like Alec but man, he walks a fine line.

  18. ANGELA DA Macco • November 25, 2018 @ 2:53 PM

    HE S DEFINITELY ARROGANT and CONCEEDED !! F O R NO REASON !! hes no better WHO YOU ARE IS W H A T YOU ARE! So the way you treat your family/ people well that makes you an A A.. WIPE !!

  19. nikkie stark • November 25, 2018 @ 2:57 PM


    i think she means ‘w h a t you are” is w h o you are”i agree, b…wipe

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