Alex Pettyfer gained 27lbs for Magic Mike

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Alex Pettyfer gained 27lbs

Alex Pettyfer gained 27 lbs. for his role in Magic Mike. The 22-year-old actor admitted that he went overboard after being asked to put on a bit of weight to play a man new to the stripping industry. He told the August issue of British Men’s Health: “I started off at 169 lbs. and went up to 196 lbs. They told me I was too big, so in the end I had to take it back down to 185 lbs.” Alex revealed that sticking to a diet and exercise routine wasn’t easy.
He recalled: “It was hard, particularly at the start, and I still remember not wanting to be in the gym. That’s why I don’t want to train at the moment.” Instead, the I Am Number Four star – who is engaged to Elvis Presley’s 23-year-old granddaughter, Riley Keough – is focused on furthering his film career. He said: “I’m very ambitious. I live in reality but I have dreams I want to fulfill. I want to be a director, and I’ve already started my own production company. But I also have a measure of success that I keep to myself. It’s something very personal to me.” Alex added that he hopes to have a career similar to Paul Newman’s. He stated: “I know a lot of people say that, but I love that he’s a great role model and a humanitarian. I admire people who don’t necessarily want to change the world, but try to make it a better environment.”

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