Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man’s like any job

`The Amazing Spider-Man` star Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield thinks landing the role of Spider-Man is like "any other acting job".
The star who shot to fame in 'The Social Network' revealed that 'The Amazing Spider-Man' wasn't his dream job after all.
He told the Radio Times magazine: "To achieve what you set out to achieve and realise it's not what you want, it's disappointing.
"This role had been something I'd always, always wanted to do. Then you realise it's like any other acting job."
He continued to explain that he probably never be entirely happy as far as his career is concerned.
He added: "Some days it's great, others you feel lost. And I'd always felt that if I got certain roles then I'd be set for life, emotionally, professionally. It would be Utopia.
"But you never get to Utopia. The dream has become reality."
Andrew said that producers now handed him roles as a short-cut to getting their movies made.
He joked: "It seems flattering but it isn't. It's like: 'Are you kidding me? I can't actually play a 50-year-old black, male prostitute."
"I wasn't offered that... but it's scary, being treated so nicely. Maybe it's seductive if you believe in it. I don't, I see it for what it is."
The actor, who was bullied at primary school, said that playing 17-year-old high school geek Peter Parker "wasn't actually much of a stretch".
He explained: "It's a horrible time of your life. But I still feel like I'm in that chapter. I'm unsure, insecure, awkward in my body."

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