Angel spills beans on Britney

Criss Angel on Larry King LiveMagician Criss Angel told Larry King last night on his CNN talk show that he and Britney Spears were seen together in Vegas about a month ago because they were working together on her MTV appearance. He said: ”I was working with Britney on the MTV Awards where she was going to perform. Everybody loved what we came up with. But it required a tremendous amount of work and a dedication that Britney decided to not want to put forth and do something that she felt would be better suited for her.” He also denied that he was Britney’s boyfriend but admitted they got close during rehearsals.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Ed Davis • November 1, 2007 @ 3:31 PM

    It all worked out for the best.

  2. Nancy • November 1, 2007 @ 4:53 PM


  3. Anonymous • November 2, 2007 @ 1:57 AM

    Were these green beans or of the deep brown variety?

  4. Jane • November 2, 2007 @ 8:39 AM

    I’m sick to death about hearing B/S who the hell cares, to much money and not enough comman sense, she need’s to get out of the business.

  5. Jamie • November 2, 2007 @ 8:50 AM

    Yeah, he loods like a real intellect in that photo.

  6. Amanda • November 2, 2007 @ 8:52 AM

    Thank goodness Criss didn’t lower himself to that level!! He is too intelligent for that kind of person!

  7. Sherry • November 2, 2007 @ 9:39 AM

    Someone shouldn’t talk about intellect if they spell looks wrong (loods). Criss Angel is beautiful and I also hope he didn’t lower himself to Brittany’s level. She’s going to go from the trailer park trash to the big times…I don’t think so.

  8. Terry • November 2, 2007 @ 10:09 AM

    Someone who would stoop to magnifying someone else’s typos doesn’t have an opinion worth reading. Small things amuse small minds obviously.

  9. Leo • November 2, 2007 @ 10:25 AM

    Angel is a GOOF!

  10. Magnificent Merle • November 2, 2007 @ 10:30 AM

    Did he get any beans on Larry?

  11. lalita • November 2, 2007 @ 10:51 AM

    Spears is getting all this attention and she doesnt even have her kids she likes the attention and i think she doesnt deserve it her kids need it she should just quit trying to sing cause she could never sing in the first place. And Criss could have any woman he wants why would he pick up wasted and used up Spears.

  12. mike • November 2, 2007 @ 11:17 AM

    Maybe criss can make her kids magicly appear back in her life.

  13. dan • November 2, 2007 @ 11:25 AM

    Who cares, these so called stars are just a bunch of sorryass losers who have made a lot of money for doing nothing special. But the public throws money at them everyday, so who’s to blame?

  14. LadyoftheLAKE • November 2, 2007 @ 11:40 AM

    Criss is doing what he does best. Never loose hope on anyone.

    He should stand proud, he tried to help Brit make a come back that would be outstanding… BUT it was to much work for her. Sad ! I am sure it would have been better then what she ended up doing.

    Spears needs to clean herself up and deal up with her personal life before she thinks about returning to the stage. NOT LIKE SHE NEEDS THE MONEY !

    Anyone that states and believes there is such a thing as LOWERing ones self to someone, shows the reason the world is in such a state.
    NO ONE IS UNDER ANYBODY ! it is so simple.

    I would have loved to have watched the show the way Criss planned it out. Maybe sometime they will work together…who knows?

    I trust all who talk so down about Brit… have never done anything wrong in their life or taken the wrong path at any point. RIGHT?

    We all have… just she did it right before our eyes. Which really should mean she should have some support… DON”T YA THINK?

    My answer is YES !

    And yes if she wants she can return better then she was…… Everyone needs to back off with the slander.
    Give some room to hope!

    Congrats Criss for standing up for Her and your own faith in People.

    Cheers !!

  15. Lorie • November 2, 2007 @ 1:21 PM

    Britney is a kid with kids. She is like people on welfare who have kids to get more money, but in her case she had kids to get more attention. She doesn’t deserve kids or the attention she gets. She is a pathetic little girl with more money than sense and you would think being that young that her parents would have a little more control over her……Married twice, showing off private parts, driving impared and with no license, driving with kids on her lap….common people…who does she think she is….really!!!!

    Even Paris is a little more dignified than her and thats pretty bad!!!!!

  16. Mazie • November 2, 2007 @ 1:22 PM

    Well said LadyoftheLAKE.

    And really…the article appears to have been written to clear up romance rumors between the two (which would have been their choices and their business to begin with)…why read any more into it?

    Please people….

  17. Louise • November 2, 2007 @ 1:33 PM

    I was just checking to see what movies are playing this weekend and noticed all this “bashing”. Do you people (the critical ones) not have anything better to do? Are you perfect? These things (and worse) go on in Canada every day, there just aren’t the camera men here to invade on people’s privacy (like they are hers). You will likely never be as successful and talented in your life as these two have been to date. Are you really one to talk? Maybe, just maybe, it will be your children one day doing these things that young people do….it happens. (Especially you Lorie!)

  18. Alex • November 2, 2007 @ 2:39 PM

    “You will likely never be as successful and talented in your life as these two have been to date,” (Louise). If leaving the house and forgetting to put on underwear is talent then I hope that I will never be as talented as you say Britney is. If leaving my wife to publicly get it on with Cameron Diaz is showing how successful one can be in life; I’ll pass. In fact he never left his wife at that time, he just blantantly flaunted and paraded like a glorified adulter with no but at least “he didnt lower himself to Brittanys level” (Sherry). Nice to sit in a glass house and throw stones. By the way “Someone shouldnt talk about intellect if they spell looks wrong (loods).” Your Brittany is actually spelt Britney because that is what is written on her birth certificate or were you talking about a different person. You should apologize to Jamie just like Britney should apologize for not knowing what it takes to be a good mother and Chris not knowing how to honor his wife. You say who am I to judge? I am someone who makes mistakes and learns from them. The defination of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a diferent result. I am the person that is distrubed by an individual constantly embarassing themselves in public then says it’s the media’s fault and flashes her woo woo while playing crash up derby with no license, a baby in her lap, a fifth of Jimmy Beam in a flask and finger food weinie tots from her second marriage in the backseat with Chris Angel making something magically disappear and I think it might be his self-respect. That’s who I am and that’s why I have the purchase (aka right) to judge. Have a nice day!!

  19. Rae-Ray • November 2, 2007 @ 2:43 PM


  20. Alex • November 2, 2007 @ 3:19 PM

    sorry, it should read, “paraded like a glorified adulter with no REMORSE but at least he didnt lower himself to Brittanys level (Sherry) and diferent is different and disturbed instead of distrubed. I would hate to be misquoted. I made a mistake and looky looky (not loody), I, unlike Britney, have learned. That’s why I have the right to judge.

  21. sherry ( Criss's loyal fan) • November 2, 2007 @ 4:02 PM

    Criss Angel should find a better girl out there who accepts his talent as magican and loves to be with him at all times. He deserves to have a woman who pays her respect for him and helps him on every step of the way in his life. This is absolutely the best for Criss Angel. All the best to you, Criss Angel. Britney Spears should always put her children first before men and gives all her love to the children and that is the best option for Britney Spears. My heart goes out to her precious children, because they are so beautiful human beings. All the best to her kids.

  22. sherry ( Criss's loyal fan) • November 2, 2007 @ 4:07 PM

    my heart goes out to you, Criss Angel and come and find me. My kisses goes to you, dear Criss Angel.. maaaauuuhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. julie • November 2, 2007 @ 4:15 PM

    get a life

  24. Erin • November 2, 2007 @ 8:26 PM

    Well, I think that some of the people on here really do need to get a life. Having unrealistic obsessions with famous people is, well, unrealistic. I had an opinion and then read Alex’s response. It was basically everything I wanted to write, humor and wit included. So thank for that Alex. Britney really does need to get help. She has obviously lost some of the stuffing out of her pillow. There is no shame in that as long as one figures out that they are not making the best choices and gets the help they need. Also, about Chris – ya the whole thing with he flaunting Cameron Diaz while married is just plain wrong. The teapot really shouldn’t call the kettle black. Have a good one.

  25. Anonymous • November 2, 2007 @ 10:38 PM

    Britney’s back and tearing up the charts again.

  26. Anonymous • November 3, 2007 @ 2:47 AM

    Who are any of us to judge??? Have you spent one day in her shoes? Living with constant pressure and that little voice of insecurity that makes any one of us do the (outrageous) How fortunate for me that my mistakes and misjudgements don’t make the press. I shudder to think of some of the things that I have done… making the press and having anyone and everyone judging me without knowing my inner soul. Look deep inside folks and isn’t there a LOT of things that you have done that you wouldn’t want spread across the world for anyone and everyone to judge. Think about that before you judge. For the record I am NOT a fan, just a human being who feels empathy for that poor lost child.

  27. Anonymous • November 3, 2007 @ 5:45 AM

    Yeah!! I noticed. Who are the idiots who’re buying this stuff anyway.

  28. Anonymous • November 3, 2007 @ 9:19 AM

    Sherry, are you fat ugly and stupid????

  29. Ximena • November 3, 2007 @ 7:09 PM

    I hope Britney gets herself back to normal for the sake of her children who shouldn’t have gone to that low life of a father either and for Cris Angel, he said what he said for publicity for himself also, there said how it should be!

  30. Anonymous • November 3, 2007 @ 9:48 PM

    “But it required a tremendous amount of work and a dedication that Britney decided to not want to put forth and do something that she felt would be better suited for her.
    Huh???? Great English Angel!

  31. Nancy • November 3, 2007 @ 11:13 PM

    I think he’s just pissed because she was wearing panties that day!! Or, maybe because she wouldn’t give him a lap dance!! LOL

  32. Elaine • November 4, 2007 @ 2:39 AM

    >>>>>My heart goes out to her precious children, because they are so beautiful human beings. All the best to her kids.>>>>sherry ( Criss’s loyal fan) on November 2, 2007 4:07 pm my heart goes out to you, Criss Angel and come and find me. My kisses goes to you, dear Criss Angel..

  33. Elaine • November 4, 2007 @ 2:45 AM

    TISK, TISK!!!! Bad grammar, shame on you!! This should read: “because they are SUCH beautiful human beings! What you’ve written makes no sense at all!!

    >>>>>sherry ( Criss’s loyal fan) on November 2, 2007 4:07 pm my heart goes out to you, Criss Angel and come and find me. My kisses goes to you, dear Criss Angel..

  34. Elaine • November 4, 2007 @ 2:48 AM

    MY MY SHERRY!!! Goodness me, there you’ve done it again!! This must say: “My kisses GO (not goes) to you, dear Criss Angel..”
    Please sharpen your intellect Sherry and be a leader into the realm of perfect grammar, sentence structure and spelling…..not a follower of the rest of us stupid twits who dunno howda tawk.

  35. Elaine • November 4, 2007 @ 2:58 AM

    Nancy’s right! LOLOL! He was waiting for her “other” smile,…….you know…the “redneck one”….the one with too much facial hair and no teeth!!

  36. Nancy • November 5, 2007 @ 1:57 AM

    Oh, geeze! I don’t know…..I think there could actually be some teeth in there somewhere!! Maybe they chewed the panties off! LOL. I keep seeing her on tv at drive-thru restaurants…I think it eats more than panties!

  37. Anonymous • November 5, 2007 @ 12:45 PM

    I think that’s Billy Bob in that pic.

  38. Anonymous • November 5, 2007 @ 4:43 PM

    stop talking trash about britney spears. no one is perfect. yes she lost her kids but maybe she is going to try and recover and get them back!

  39. Anonymous • November 5, 2007 @ 4:51 PM

    Yes, she is definitely going to try and recover, and get her kids back.


  40. Nancy • November 5, 2007 @ 6:36 PM

    Hey Anonymous on Nov 05 at 4:43 pm, sorry to burst the bubble you obviously live in, but Britney ‘trashes’ herself everytime she opens her legs to either get into or out of a vehicle. This seems to be quite frequently in the past year, since she discovered that she can drive around all day and night, hitting parked cars, etc., with all of the money she saves from NOT buying panties anymore!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  41. Anonymous • November 5, 2007 @ 8:01 PM

    Clearly, some people on here are too preoccupied with Britney’s panties…

  42. Elaine • November 6, 2007 @ 12:52 AM

    Nancy’s toooo funny :):) LMFAO!! Britney obviously feeds it more than burgers & panties!! Hmmm…but I wonder WHAT??? And,…. Anonymous, to comment on your post,..”Clearly, some people on here are too preoccupied with Britneys panties.”…..uh…well,…..WHAT panties???

  43. Anonymous • November 6, 2007 @ 12:53 AM

    One could almost say they’re wound up in them…

  44. Nancy • November 6, 2007 @ 1:08 AM

    Ha ha ha ha! Clearly, some people just need to kick back and just ‘crack up’ once in a while. Pardon the pun. A good laugh, is priceless for the soul!!

  45. Kat • November 8, 2007 @ 12:26 AM

    Have anyone of you people noticed that you don’t know how to spell around here?! Who cares about Criss Angel and Britney Spears! Get over it already!

  46. Darla • November 24, 2007 @ 6:30 PM

    I agree Britney spears is a has been and was years ago. Her attempt to restart her career is pathetic. She could never sing anyway. I feel so sorry for her poor children who 20 years from now will still be suffering in embarassment from her shenanigans.

    Poor Criss Angel though as he is a talented magician who can do better than Britney. Britney gets attention whever she goes and that is her only claim to fame. The media needs to focus on world affairs not celebrity BS.

  47. cynthia • November 30, 2007 @ 10:59 AM

    see i can imagine wat would of happen see spears is not a grown person she wants everything she can get her hands on criss is a fine man and doesnt need her he can find some one eles that more intellagent and see i dont care but right now she should be worrying about her kids not a father i know its hard but thats her fault she wants every thing she got kids thats her every thing im sorry its like every body wants a wish and that wish never mostly come true see i love criss it aint gonna happen i am very good t acting and singing so spears better watch her kids one day when her kids are gone shell go crazy but its her fault she should quit everything and get a normal job im sorry shes slut she should care more criss i am your #1 fan i hate spears ill never like her ill only like her if she quits this is how many of my friends said spears should quit hold on………..1000 2 whole schools

  48. cynthia • November 30, 2007 @ 11:09 AM

    i love you criss and trust me you dont need her

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