Angie mad at Brad

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie reportedly threw a fit after finding out that Brad Pitt took their baby daughter Shiloh for lunch with his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Friends say Jolie was so angry when she found out that Brad took the baby to Aniston’s Malibu home that she threatened to dump him if he did it again. A source told Star magazine: “Angelina went totally ballistic. She was shouting so hard at Brad that the veins were bulging in her neck. She told him in no uncertain terms that they were finished if he took Shiloh anywhere near Jennifer again.”

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  1. Bob • July 18, 2007 @ 11:16 AM

    HAHAHAHA. This is a funny article. Angelina is a freak anyways. What was Brad thinking when he left Jen to be with her.

  2. Harmony • July 18, 2007 @ 11:26 AM

    Brad made a big mistake when he dumped Jennifer. But his worst mistake was having a kid with that freak.

  3. sh-poopie • July 18, 2007 @ 12:09 PM

    i think she is amazing and that ofcourse she is angry and rightfully so, he left jennifer for her not too long ago, its not gona take much for him to leave her for someone else.

  4. suzie-q • July 18, 2007 @ 12:10 PM

    ex’s are always a touchy subject

  5. sk8tergirl • July 18, 2007 @ 1:59 PM


  6. Anonymous • July 18, 2007 @ 7:18 PM


  7. Karen • July 19, 2007 @ 8:59 PM

    I find that hard to be true. Why would he be that dumb? Angie’s cool. She does more for poor countries than most politicians do. Leave her alone.

  8. Halle Berry's Body Double • July 20, 2007 @ 7:57 AM

    Angelina is one of the world’s great beauties and a woman of strong character; I can’t imagine her feeling threatened by ANYONE.

  9. nikki • July 20, 2007 @ 9:36 AM

    I don’t like Angelina. I don’t know why. She just doesn’t seem like a nice person deep down.

  10. Cindy • July 20, 2007 @ 10:10 AM

    After hearing Angelina Jolie state on TV that she wouldn’t or could not respect herself if she had sleeped with a married man like her father had done to her mother. I beleive she has nothing of value to say anyways. What goes around comes around, and what does that say for Brad Pitt, when he takes her abuse.

  11. Joanne Barevich • July 20, 2007 @ 11:53 AM

    This reminds me of the old Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher triangle. The poor Jen and poor Debbie bit. The beautiful Elizabeth and the beautiful Angeiina. Brad get a grip you have a child now. Jen get on with your life.

  12. Lorlee • July 20, 2007 @ 12:34 PM

    So Angelina is feeling upset….who cares!!! As for her not sleeping with a married man I guess it’s ok to sleep with someone who is engaged then? Seems to me Billy bob Thornton was engaged to Laura Dern when he and Angie hooked up on Pushing tin. What goes around comes around. It looks good on her.

  13. alyson • July 20, 2007 @ 2:23 PM

    Angelina is so alluring and appears to be so ‘dangerous’in her personal relationships. She’s like a wildcat which I think men would find irresistable. Jen seems to be so solid and anyway why can’t he see his friends, ex-wife or not. People should stop trying to make enemies with people in or out of their lives. They chose those individuals for a reason once. Just so they could not last as a married couple, if they want to, why can’t they still be friends? Grow up everyone!

  14. Anonymous • July 20, 2007 @ 5:49 PM

    Angelina is just getting a taste of her own medicine. I mean look at past relationships, she has always been the mistress. She is not too sharp, anyways, brad and brads mom should be able to see jennifer if they want. It seems as though angelina wants to control everybody lately.

  15. Marc N • July 20, 2007 @ 10:04 PM

    I like Angelia Jolie for her acting in any movies but in person she sucks.. becasue of her father… and herself and too many adopt kids .. what is she doing adopt 101 kids like as 101 dalmations (dogs from Walt Disney movie) anyway.. look at her skinny bones yuck yuck anytime her bones will crack and fall down some janitor will come to sweep it out anyway but the other problem what is wrong with Jennifer Aniston she is very good actress in any movies but in real life what is she waiting for have a baby from Brad Pitt for long long time with (how many) years in relationship… ok what worst will come next .. find out what happened to Brad, Jennifer and Angelia so like i say Let the best lady win !!!

  16. KIMBERLY • July 21, 2008 @ 9:57 PM

    Forget it. This is a big lied.

  17. NIEMAN • August 25, 2008 @ 1:19 AM


  18. Nobodys business • September 13, 2008 @ 9:58 PM

    Whatever angie is right if he go c her again she should dump him and angelina is way better then jen.

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