Aniston changes her tune

Jennifer Aniston & Oprah WinfreyOn today’s Oprah, Jennifer Aniston continues her emotional rant about her personal life. On her ex, Brad Pitt, Aniston says that she wishes him and Angelina Jolie all the best and that her divorce seems like it happened 100 years ago. Could Aniston be feeling guilty over her comments in the upcoming December issue of Vogue, in which she said Jolie was “uncool” for admitting she fell in love with Pitt while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith? “The Vogue [interviewer] asked me a question and I basically just answered it as honestly as I could,” Aniston told Winfrey. She also says that she doesn’t want to maintain that “lonely” persona the media has tagged her as. “I’ve been unbelievably lucky in love,” Aniston said. “It just might not look the way it’s supposed to look at this point.” Aniston was also there to promote her new holiday film Marley & Me, which opens the same day as Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Demigod • November 13, 2008 @ 7:42 PM

    So she had a bit of a mental breakdown, she’s entitled. Perhaps it was that time of the month. A great plug as well.

  2. Adrian • November 13, 2008 @ 9:39 PM

    I think she has every right to feel bitterly towards a woman who treated her husband like he was fair game, even though he was married. Jennifer showed remarkable restraint not saying anything before. Angelina on the other hand has lied through her teeth from day one, saying she didn’t get together with Brad while filming that movie, because she would never mess around with a married man, knowing how much her father hurt her mother by cheating on her.

  3. Jo-Anne. • November 14, 2008 @ 9:41 AM

    I totally agree, Adrian. And why on earth should she feel guilty, as this article suggests, for merely saying Jolie was “uncool” – I am sure others in her position would have lashed out a hell of a lot more. “Uncool” pales by comparison to the media crap Jolie is dishing out.

  4. JohnnyTT • November 14, 2008 @ 10:32 AM

    “continues her emotional rant”: Huh? What warrants this as the opening line to the article? I saw the interview and all Jennifer Aniston did was answer Oprah’s questions – there was no rant. If anything there was reluctance on Jen’s behalf to even go there.

    And how can you call the article “Aniston changes her tune”? How so? There was no change in Jen’s ‘tune’, she answered honest and real without creating drama.

    I think the writer of this article should get a lesson in writing without bias…are you related to Jolie?

  5. marvel man • November 14, 2008 @ 2:21 PM

    JohnnyTT, I couldn’t agree more with you. I watched the Oprah interview with Aniston and she was clearly reluctant in saying any more that she already had in her interview with Vogue. I didn’t see a “change in her tune” at all. In fact, Aniston appeared to stick her guns and say that she answered the question as honestly as she could. I think the writer of this article needs to check his facts before slamming Aniston.

  6. Kaci • November 15, 2008 @ 12:48 PM

    Jennifer has shown amazing restraint in trashing Angelina in the media. She could’ve said much worse than “uncool”. Jennifer is classy and polite and has every reason to be upset over what happened. What woman wouldn’t. I think the media wanted a cat fight and is trying to poke them both with a big stick.

  7. Liza • November 24, 2008 @ 3:05 PM

    Why don’t these tabloids try coming up with something new? Jen seems to be over why can’t they. Everybody new what liars “Brad and Angelina” were being. Is this what they are going to teach their children, “LYING”? Angelina should just face the facts she is a home wrecker, she should remember her comments “I don’t need a married man!”. Did she not see the ring on Brads finger? He’s a straight up “dawg”! What is so special about Angelina? Must be the pillows she calls her lips. There are MANY other celebrities that are prettier than her. Jen is one.

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