Boyfriend dumps Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn SpearsJamie Lynn Spears may have to go through childbirth without her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge. In Touch Weekly reports that Casey, whom Jamie Lynn named as the father of her baby, has requested a paternity test. According to the magazine, a friend of the Spears family says, “Casey doesn’t want to be with her until he’s sure that he’s the father. Let’s put it this way. They’ve both strayed a bit from their relationship.” In any case, Casey has no plans to marry Jamie Lynn. “They’re way too young,” the friend says. “There’s no point in making a bad situation even worse.”

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Comments & Discussion

  1. theoriginalme • January 17, 2008 @ 12:48 PM

    It’s his loss.

  2. Anonymous • January 17, 2008 @ 1:23 PM

    Oh please! This was an arranged relationship if there ever was one! The actual father is a much older man.

  3. theoriginalme • January 17, 2008 @ 2:40 PM

    “This was an arranged relationship if there ever was one! The actual father is a much older man.”

    Then it’s HIS loss.

  4. Anonymous • January 17, 2008 @ 3:06 PM

    lol @ a paternity test for a 16 year old.

  5. Karen • January 17, 2008 @ 3:07 PM

    Well things sure do run in this family! What a joke. Some parents they have! I wonder how long it will take to end up like her sister?

  6. Anonymous • January 17, 2008 @ 3:20 PM

    It’s not his loss, for f***’s sake! What’s wrong with you? You actually approve/support a 16 year old slut getting pregnant. What are you, 10 years old? Stop embarassing yourself!

  7. Danny Miller • January 17, 2008 @ 6:19 PM

    I hear Morey has a 6 part series with Jamie-Lynn and all the possible fathers and at the end we find out Federline is the Father!!

  8. Anonymous • January 17, 2008 @ 7:17 PM

    Her stretch marks should fade pretty quick.

  9. Nancy • January 17, 2008 @ 8:44 PM

    One word: ADOPTION!!

  10. Anonymous • January 17, 2008 @ 9:33 PM

    Holy s**t! no matter how manny times i hear that Jamie lyn spears in pregnant i stll say the exact same f*****g thing! She may ACTULY grow up to be worse than her sisster, and look how shee turned out! I here people saying that she made a sixteen year old mistake! and what the F*****G HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM I DON`T KNOW! We are lucky they didn`t let her do that zoey show and show kidds that its ok to get pregnet when your 16!

    just my opinion.

  11. Perry • January 18, 2008 @ 1:50 AM

    She’s absolutely glowing in that pic!

  12. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 9:15 AM

    LOL She is a 16 year old roll model for thousands of young girls, she has already shown what she can do

  13. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 9:15 AM

    A good mother??? She’s 16! She’s a baby herself!

  14. anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 9:52 AM

    Yes it is possible for a 16-year-old to be a good mother. A lot of 20- and 30- something mothers are not good mothers. Age doesn’t matter, love and nuturing matters.

  15. anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 10:03 AM

    Blah, Blah, Blah.
    Sibling rivalry at it’s finest!
    Clearly these girls have learned the value of negative attention from an early age.
    Dont expect far better from the second spawn. Britney was just practice!~

  16. Who Cares • January 18, 2008 @ 10:35 AM

    Who cares! Obviously one skank in the family wasn’t enough..Glad to see the Spears parenting style has worked out so well!

  17. mike • January 18, 2008 @ 10:41 AM

    Ill take her with kid and all..I may not have much $$ but i do have a house and i work full time..she can go to school here in Canada and will be out of the spot light

  18. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 11:14 AM

    I would hate to be famous. Sure the money and the glamour may look awesome, but there’s no way you can privately deal with your own affairs. I’m sure it’s hard for young mothers who are not famous, the looks and whispers from anyone who knows them. Imagine that from the world. No where you can go and not be the spotlight, not have people whispering as you go by, blogs about you on every site imagineable.

    And a note to the lovely person who can’t spell. Most people I know lost their virginity at 16. I know I did. I could have very easily ended up with a child. At least she has the money to support the child and if she can find a good network of people to support her mentally, and a good place to get out of the lime light while people like you bash her, this might turn out ok for her.

  19. canadian girl • January 18, 2008 @ 11:15 AM

    I don’t want her in canada!! Too much publicity.I believe that to be a good mother you have to have learnt something from your own mother and I don’t think either of those girls got alot of attention from their mother. I think there is a chance Jamie Lynn could prove us all wrong, but it’s gonna take alot of work and most 16 year olds don’t have that as part of their “schedule”. I’d say good luck to her but she’s gonna need a hell of alot more than luck.

  20. Rickster • January 18, 2008 @ 11:18 AM

    a paternity test??????? you mean to tell me there’s another possible father. WTF, 16 years old man…..come on. I mean, COME ON! Whoever the daddy is, all I can say is Trojan. I’m sick of these spoiled little rich kids who don’t do anything to earn their money, only getting by on namesake. BTW Tracy… She’s 16 YEARS OLD!!! Give her a chance, whatever… she had the chance to avoid this by seeing what her f’d up sister did with herself… I have no sympathy for anyone in the Spears Family.

    until next time, keep fit and have fun

  21. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 11:20 AM

    Seriously people just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she CAN’T get pregnant. She’s HUMAN. What makes her a slut exactly?? Because she had sex with her boyfriend that she’s been dating for a while (not that I’m defending having sex at a young age where becoming pregnant CAN happen)? And like seriously is she the FIRST 16 year old in the freaking world to get pregnant. I believe that Jamie Lynn is better than her sister and for all the negative people just at least give time before you say something that’s coming out of your @$$. I understand that being pregnant at 16 is not ideal but it’s not age that makes a good mother.

  22. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 11:25 AM

    I previously made the comment by anonymous on Jan 18,2008 at 11:20 am and to ADD to that Rickster just because the boyfriend (or whoever he is) is asking for a paternity test does NOT mean she was sleeping around. He could just be trying to cover his own ass where it can’t be covered.

  23. Shawn • January 18, 2008 @ 11:39 AM

    I can just see her on Jerry Springer if that show was still running. Jerry would say..”Casey you are NOT the father” this is where jamie would start to go crazy and most likely stab Jerry on stage while Casey is jumping for joy…Sadly though, who cares. Today, my car would not start and i was late for work.

  24. Rickster • January 18, 2008 @ 11:54 AM

    Why the hell else would he want a paternity test???? either he got her knocked up, or someone else did, it didn’t just magically happen, so to you anonymous (if that is your real name) you make absolutely no sense. You are advocating for her and basically saying that you approve of this pregnancy. Me, I couldn’t give 2 s**ts about the spears clan but shame on you for stating that statutory rape is ok.

  25. Been there, done that... • January 18, 2008 @ 12:18 PM

    Everybody needs to loosen up and get a life. Jamie Lynn is not the first 16 year old to find herself pregnant, and she surely, surely won’t be the last. The only reason she is attracting so much publicity, is because she is famous, and so is her sister. All the media attention is only magnified because of the crazy antics that Britney has pulled over the past year, and the horrible parenting skills she has shown. And let’s all be really honest. Whether we are male or female, at the age of 16, the majority of all of us were…or are having sex! It simply boils down to who’s lucky or not. There are alot of girls out there using-and not using the proper birth control, who just luckily don’t wind up pregnant. And then there are the unlucky ones…like Jamie Lynn. I too was one of the unlucky. Took that precious pill regularly every morning, and then surprise! When the doctor told me I was pregnant, I almost died. So no matter how careful anyone is, there is always the risk. Nothing works 100%..and I mean NOTHING! I think everyone should just back off, give her some room, and let her do the best job she can. Nix the name calling, as that is relly immature and senseless. Given the time, I have a feeling Jamie Lynn might surprise us all. There are many fantastic mothers out there in the world, who had no so great role models to work from. I guess what I am saying is that everyone deserves a chance, and we ALL make mistakes!

  26. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 12:26 PM

    If it wasn’t for s***t, nothing would happen

  27. Elmo • January 18, 2008 @ 12:27 PM

    what kind of parents do those spears girls have? a slacker that puts them into anything to get them famous so she doesnt have to work a day in her life, and shes gonna turn out just like britney did, coked out and naked in stores, just only younger, sad that thier parents were managers instead of parents

  28. Rickster • January 18, 2008 @ 12:29 PM

    Well said Elmo

  29. Mimi • January 18, 2008 @ 1:09 PM

    Its true, Elmo. I get the feeling that everything that happens to the Spears girls is just another opportunity for publicity, good or bad at least you’re in the news right? Its is a sad state of affairs. I really feel badly for all involved, especially the baby, not b/c its mother is so young, but b/c it will be schlepped around from photo op to photo op. Its not right.

  30. Julia • January 18, 2008 @ 1:34 PM

    Regardless of how old she is, or all of the other issues surrounding her pregnancy, the innocent in all of this is that little baby.
    Jamie-Lynn has a lot of growing up to do in a short amount of time. So, I really hope the baby gets the best love and care possible, no matter what.

  31. #%&@ • January 18, 2008 @ 1:52 PM

    Blah blah blah!!

    GET A LIFE PEOPLE …. Stop BASHING this girl. I’m sure all of you have done some NASTY crap during your childhood years. Why don’t all of you share your NASTY experience to one another…. NOW THERE’S A NEWS for everyone… You hipocrits are so easy to say crap about other people, think back of some of the NASTIES you have done in the PAST and see if your PROUD of them…..and DID YOU like it when you are being BASHED by people you don’t even know? GET REAL >>>>>>>>>>>

  32. Xinia • January 18, 2008 @ 1:56 PM

    Jamie- Lynn’s pregnancy is not the most unusual thing in the world – but when we see a celebrity starlet or a public figure doing something unusual (16 yr. old being pregnant) – it sets a very bad precedent for all the kids around.

    Who would voluntarily like their teenager daughter to be pregnant when they are not ready for it? Is Jamie- Lynn ready to be a mother?? This is the time to go to school and complete her studies for heaven’s sake !!

    It might have been a brave act on her part to have decided to go ahead with the pregnancy without her boyfriend … but we hope she brings out something good out of it and not try to follow the foot steps of her sister!

    Well Grow up girl!! You’ll have to be a lot more responsible in order to be a ‘Mama’!! It’s not just a pretty-glamorous word “Mama- Mia” (as seen on her T-shirt in the picture above) and there’s a lot of pain and reality involved to be a single Mama!

    I wonder where’s Jamie-Lynn’s and Britney’s mom and dad at this point ?!! And looking at the present situation of the Spears’ Family right now – both the sisters need help!
    Dr. Phil …are u listening?

  33. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 3:01 PM

    Just bc she’s 16 doesnt make her a slut. she chose to be her boyfriend in a sexual relationship….and im sure he had a lot to do to influence her to that level. instead of doubting her why dont u see what she is capable of. she’s obviously not her sister so that doesnt mean she’ll make the same mistakes as her sister. Britney was a loose canon to begin with. Britney kept getting pregnant to try to keep a man that was just there to get money out of her. Jamie’s not that stupid. she may only be 16 but at least she’s taking responsibility for her actions. she’s dealing with it really well considering the circumstances. just bc she’s 16 doesnt mean she wont be a good mother. she has a career (which having a baby wont ruin it). 2 of the biggest parts of being a mother is being there for your child and having money to take care of them. she already has the money. so she has an advantage considering her age. she’s seen everything her sister has gone through so she probably wont make all the mistakes that britney made. & yes its not something that she’s purposely trying to put out there for young girls to do. she’s the one that got pregnant so she’s thinking of her and her child & what she’s supposed to have an abortion bc the rest of you negative people dont approve. well so what its not you that has to deal with her situation. instead of looking at the negative look at the positive. she’s showing young girls that yes she did get pregnant at a young age but also showing the other many 16 year olds in this world that are in the same situation that they can do it and be a good mother to their child. i dont think any 16 year old purposely gets pregnant it happens a lot of times bc they dont educate themselves or they cld be pressured. its wrong of any of you to put britney’s mistakes on her not to mention she shouldn’t be shun bc of one thing that happens in her life. & im sure that if she wanted any of your opinions she’d ask you herself but she’s not. she’s 16 and she probably has a larger income than any of you even with the cutbacks she’ll get after this stepping stone her life.

  34. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 4:50 PM

    Nancy- when you say adoption – please tell me you are NOT advocating any one of us adopt Jaime Lynn? Everybody knows the whole Spear family and all their baggage would come with her and NOBODY wants the spawn of JL and whoever the father turns out to be.

  35. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 5:19 PM

    She’s ganna end up embrassing herself like her sister LOL LOL

  36. soundsgood • January 18, 2008 @ 5:41 PM

    why does no one know about birth control!!!???

  37. sk8tergirl • January 18, 2008 @ 6:27 PM

    oh boy.

  38. Anonymous Jan 18, 2008 11:20 am • January 18, 2008 @ 6:47 PM

    NEWS Flash birth control is NOT 100% effective. Neither is a condom. The only thing that’s 100% effective is NOT having sex. Now you can’t tell me she’s the first 16 year old to have sex with her boyfriend and luckily/unluckily (that’s for HER to decide not everyone else) got pregnant.

  39. AMY • January 18, 2008 @ 8:14 PM


  40. Nancy • January 18, 2008 @ 8:47 PM

    Keep your freakin’ legs closed!!!

  41. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 8:48 PM

    way to go the right thing…go ahead and leave her!

  42. Anonymous • January 18, 2008 @ 9:25 PM

    She’s the hottest mom in America.

  43. ginger • January 18, 2008 @ 9:56 PM

    i seem to recall, justin timberlake accusing brittney of messing around on him (cry me a river?) now jamie-lynn’s b/f is accusing her of the same stuff. she is actin like big sis (very sad :(:(,this girl needs a role model other than her sis or she will, unfortunatly be following those footsteps. she needs to step back and get out of the spot light( which i think they both love ,negative or positive attention is better than none..)and focus on this baby..personally give birth naturally…no pain killers or epidural…you will wait a very long time for the next one!!

  44. Poppa John • January 18, 2008 @ 11:47 PM

    Damn……. she even LOOKS pregnant!!!!!!
    That miserable picture should be pasted accross every tabloid in the Nation as a testament to early pregnancy- Makes ya look like sh*t!! Today’s youth are so image-concious that it would at least deter a few teens from getting knocked up……….

  45. PeaceOut • January 19, 2008 @ 2:11 AM

    It takes TWO people. I do not condone what’s happened here, but certainly put the blame squarely on BOTH Spears and Aldridge. Keep her legs closed? Yes. Keep it in his pants too! Sad that she’s called a slut and most of the comments here are about her. What about his part in this? What a mad mad mad world. I feel sorry for the Spears’ sisters’ children. They are suffering and will be suffering, for a long time due to their parental indiscretions

  46. Anonymous • January 19, 2008 @ 3:22 AM

    Justin Timberlake is a nerd.

  47. Cowpoke Casey • January 19, 2008 @ 3:26 AM

    “Sad that shes called a slut and most of the comments here are about her.”

    Agreed! Now how would you like to see Harry Potter meet his doom in the next unnecessary movie???

  48. anonymous • January 19, 2008 @ 2:00 PM

    jamie lyn is not a slut.
    a lot of young people get pregnant and 16.
    just bocause she’s famous pepople are making a huge deal out of it. leave her alone already!!!!

  49. Velvet • January 19, 2008 @ 4:16 PM

    LOL! I wanted to write something here but I can’t because I’m laughing so hard from all of these comments. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, it’s monkey see, monkey do. Britney is the 1st white trash monkey and Jamie-Lynn is the 2nd just following in her big sister’s footsteps. Honestly, I don’t blame the girl, I really do feel sorry for her. Let’s hope she gets some emotional support, because being pregnant at any age is no easy feat and for some having to deal with post-pardum depression, can be a real killer.

  50. Anonymous • January 20, 2008 @ 1:47 AM

    Aw shucks!

    It didn’t seem to spoil Jed and the rest of the Clampetts. Jethro went a little weird, but that could have been the result of what happens when cousins marry.

  51. Mother of 1 • January 20, 2008 @ 12:49 PM

    First of all, I look at all this response and all the swearing, you can tell that you are all immature in your ways of thinking, swearing doesn’t prove anything and it sure doens’t make you big…

    People make mistakes in their lives, and it goes unnoticed, others its a shame that its in the limelight, but just because Jamie-Lynn’s sister Britney has made a spectacle of herself publicly without remorse, what gives you the right to automatically judge her sister as the same type of person, no two sisters are alike….yes sisters have the same traits, but SHE IS A KID>>>>>> She gets more publicity and more images splashed across the screen by the public acknowledging her pregnancy and her life, she did a great job of staying out of the public eye even though she had her own show.

    Just like anybody else out there, 16 years old or not, deserves a chance to prove herself before she gets judged by *all the ones that KNOW BETTER* then her..

    Yes we are entitled to our own opinions, but it does not mean that we know her but just by what we see in the magazines and by tv images.

    She has alot to deal with and just like anyone else in the world deserves to deal with her issues privately.

  52. Anonymous • January 20, 2008 @ 3:40 PM

    To be a good parent you need to have good values, and I’m sorry I haven’t seen or heard of any good values coming from the Spears family. Lynn Spears could have and probably should have talked to her girls about SELF RESPECT, then neither of them would be in these situations and maybe they wouldn’t have turned out the be one of the most f’d up families out there!

  53. theoriginalme • January 20, 2008 @ 8:42 PM

    fyi, the person who posted the comments on the 17th of January using my new name is the copycat who used my old name of “me”. I had given up on the name “me” thinking this idiot just wanted to be “me”, but apparently he/she wants to be the real me. So sad that this person can’t think for themselves. On the 17th I was working and was not even on the internet so those comments aren’t from ME. Anyway, that’s ok, copycat freak, you can take this name too, I know how to deal with you. Thanks for the fun, but it’s over, freak.

  54. theoriginalme • January 20, 2008 @ 8:43 PM

    And as far as the Spears girls go, they are freaks of their mothers making. She pushed them into early stardom, and now we are all seeing the results of that. So sad.

  55. theoriginalme • January 20, 2008 @ 8:44 PM

    By the way, the real “me” and the real “theoriginalme” are gone now, for good, so any comments posted under those names are from the copycat freak.

  56. Anonymous • January 20, 2008 @ 11:17 PM

    You’ll come back, you can’t stay away. This is your form of crack!

  57. Anonymous • January 21, 2008 @ 2:28 PM

    It is funny that I came across this site. Don’t you people have anything better to do with your lives than to gossip about some girl that just happens to have made a mistake? Being 16 and pregnant doesn’t make her a slut, but things do happen and that is life. I feel sorry for every one of you who doesn’t have an exciting enough life for another person to talk about.

  58. D • January 22, 2008 @ 10:20 PM

    Nobody should b talking about these parents & those parents!
    One day u’ll b parents & then if ur kids turn out wrong ppl will b looking @ u & say the same thing…
    “what kind of parents do they have anyway?…”

  59. Anonymous • January 24, 2008 @ 9:35 AM

    Think Lynn will still go ahead and publish her parenting book? That will be a must read for anyone looking for a laugh!
    To all those who say she isn’t like her sister, just wait and see…

  60. Anonymous • February 11, 2008 @ 9:34 AM

    Jamie Lynn got drunk and had sex with another guy instead of Casey otherwise why did he say that he may not be the father this is for more fame Jamie Lynn from her younger years.

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