Brad Pitt to quit acting at 50

During an interview with Australian talk show 60 Minutes in Tokyo to promote his new film MoneyballBrad Pitt, 47, revealed that he’s decided to quit acting in three years when he turns 50. When asked by host Tara Brown what he plans to do after that, he quipped, “Hell if I know!” However, he added on a more serious note that he wants to continue in the film business, but instead of being in front of the camera, he’s going to stay behind the scenes, explaining, “I’ve really enjoyed the producing side and getting stories to the plate that may have had a harder time otherwise.” Brad also spoke about his personal life, saying, “I think happiness is overrated, truthfully. I do. I think sometimes you’re happy, sometimes you’re not. There’s too much pressure to be happy. I don’t know… I know I will be at times and I know I won’t be at times. Satisfied, at peace, those would be more goals for myself.

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  1. Carl • November 14, 2011 @ 2:04 PM

    Good idea. Give someone else a chance. He’s rich enough.

  2. C-Dub • November 14, 2011 @ 7:57 PM

    Well he is a stay at home dad and Angelina is the star of the family now. She only lets him out of the compound to get some air and make a few million bucks. Then back home it is to play with the kiddies. might be best to just hang up the acting chops and stick to paperwork with producing films and reading scripts in spare time.

  3. steve c. • November 14, 2011 @ 9:35 PM

    i find that sad, as he is one of my favourite actors, in certain types of roles. they have enough money for a lifetime,each,at the level of “A” list in hollywood. combined,those kids will never hurt for money. as an avid architecture/design buff, i know he’s also into that,with his “make it happen” foundation,which is cool.

    As for the acting, i think i always liked him because where a lot of the focus was on the “pretty boy” looks, I think it made him strive to be as good as he is, to overcome that, which he did. Let’s be honest,the guy isn’t afraid to make himself ugly in roles that demand it (Kalifornia/Lock,Stock/12 Monkeys/Fight Club). The mark of a truly great actor,who was more concerned about the work,than the look. Meet Joe Black sucked, yet he looked his best then. Of course, 7even is one of the best flicks of all time, and he was just brilliant in that.

    It is sad that we may never see any more cool films like those i listed above, and i for one,will miss that. Maybe i’ll catch him visiting “Fallingwater” sometime when he’s retired…

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