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Tom Sizemore kicked off set after allegedly violating child

Tom Sizemore was kicked off set of a film in 2003 after a young actress in the movie claimed the actor violated her during a photo shoot for the film. full story

Wonder Women star Gal Gadot refuses to work with Brett Ratner

The follow up to this summer’s Wonder Woman is at risk of losing its lead actress if Warner Bros. doesn’t cut ties with Brett Ratner and his production company. full story

Atomic Blonde stunt training at 87eleven in Los Angeles!

We traveled to 87eleven in Los Angeles, where Charlize Theron trained for her stunts in the spy thriller Atomic Blonde. We learned some of her moves too! full story

Louis C.K. faces fallout after sexual misconduct allegations

Comedian Louis C.K. is the latest subject of accusations of sexual misconduct, which has resulted in his latest film, I Love You, Daddy, being pulled from release. full story

LAPD investigating Hollywood’s pedophile ring

The LAPD are investigating an alleged Hollywood pedophile ring after former child actor Corey Feldman filed a report this week as part of his Truth campaign. full story

Kevin Spacey allegedly groped teen

A former Boston news anchor held a press conference detailing her son's encounter with alleged sexual predator Kevin Spacey, whom she claims groped her teenage son. full story

Ed Westwick denies rape allegations

Following allegations that actor Ed Westwick raped actress Kristin Cohen, Westwick has released a statement. The LAPD is investigating the incident. full story

Jessica Chastain calls attention to Bryan Singer’s sexual assault accusations

Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain is reminding everyone about X-Men director Bryan Singer's past accusations of sexual assault, calling him out via a Twitter post. full story

Kevin Spacey accused of groping Richard Dreyfuss’ son

Actor Harry Dreyfuss alleges Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was 18, while his father was in the same room. Harry says he used to joke about the situation. full story

Alec Baldwin admits he’s ‘sexist’ and ‘bullied’ women

SNL and Baby Boss star Alec Baldwin admits that he is guilty of being sexist towards women as well as bullying and overlooking them. Click to read more. full story

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