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Germany bans Tom Cruise

Germany will not allow Tom Cruise’s new movie Valkyrie to be filmed at its military bases because they object to his Scientology religion. Scientology is condemned by the German government as a “money-making cult.” Cruise is set to play Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who led an unsuccessful... full story

Paris completes jail term

Paris Hilton walked out of jail just after midnight this morning through a crowd of paparazzi and to an SUV, where her parents were waiting. She hugged her mom through the car window before getting in. Hilton, who was smiling broadly and obviously relieved to be free,... full story

Lohans ordered to family therapy

Lindsay Lohan ‘s family has been ordered to attend family therapy, announced a Nassau Family Court judge on Monday. Her parents, Michael and Dina, were told they must not bad mouth each other in front of their children, including Dakota, 11, and Aliana, 13. Michael Lohan, who... full story

Sizemore sent to prison

Despite begging the judge for another chance, Tom Sizemore has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for violating his probation in a 2004 crystal methamphetamine possession case. He’ll serve his sentence at Donovan Correctional Facility near San Diego, California, which has a drug rehab facility. A... full story

Washington says Knight is jealous

Isaiah Washington has spoken out again about being fired from Grey’s Anatomy, following his use of the f-word to describe his gay former co-star, T.R. Knight. He says, “T.R. Knight was very tactical in trying to remove me from the show because he knows that I know,... full story

Evan is Almighty at box office

Evan Almighty opened at the top of the weekend box office with a gross of $32.1 million (all figures US). However, that's not all good news. The original movie, Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey, gross full story

Murphy confirmed as baby’s father

DNA testing has confirmed that Eddie Murphy is the father of Melanie Brown (Scary Spice)’s 11-week-old daughter. The two dated for a short time last summer. Mel B, who was dumped by Murphy after she became pregnant, claimed he was the father, but he repeatedly denied it,... full story

Washington says Knight should be fired

Isaiah Washington, who was fired from Grey’s Anatomy following his repeated use of a gay slur, told the Houston Chronicle that ABC “fired the wrong guy.” He thinks T.R. Knight, his gay co-star, should be fired for causing the scandal that erupted. He denied using the slur... full story

Neighbors want Paris evicted

Paris Hilton ‘s neighbors are dreading the day she gets released from jail, because of all the media and paparazzi that descend on their street whenever she makes the news. They’ve distributed flyers saying: “Since the arrival of Paris Hilton to our neighborhood, we have seen our... full story

Mandy Moore gets back at Zach Braff

Mandy Moore has found a way to get back at famous guys who have taken advantage of her in the past. Music insiders told the New York Post that her song “Looking Forward to Looking Back” on her new album is about her “toxic” ex, actor/director Zach... full story

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