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Lohan plans 21st birthday bash

Lindsay Lohan is going to “milk it” when she turns 21 on July 2nd. She’s thrilled that she’ll finally be able to openly drink in clubs, she told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show. Lohan will have a party in Vegas and dinner in Malibu with... full story

Night at the Museum top DVD seller

Not only did Night at the Museum take in more than $250 million at the North American box office, but the DVD is currently the No. 1 seller since it came out, making more than $100 million in its first week. It was also the No. 1... full story

Dawson says eat the cookie!

Grindhouse star Rosario Dawson told the British edition of Elle magazine that she can’t understand why people would want to starve themselves. “I don’t understand people starving themselves to look good. You might look cute in those jeans for one year of your life, but you might... full story

Gilmore Girls cancelled

Gilmore Girls has been cancelled after a seven-year run. The final episode, starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, will air on the CW network May 15th. Partially due to viewers having to wait several weeks for a new episode earlier this year, and a timeslot directly opposite... full story

Campbell gets married again

Canadian actress Neve Campbell (Party of Five) is getting married again, this time to Royal Shakespeare Company actor John Light. They met in 2005 and became engaged in February 2006. The ceremony will take place this weekend at an unknown Malibu location. Campbell was previously married for... full story

Drunken Hasselhoff caught on tape

A shocking video tape of David Hasselhoff, made by his 16-year-old daughter Taylor, aired on Extra. Obviously drunk, Hasselhoff is rolling around on the floor in a Las Vegas hotel. The girl can be heard pleading, “Tell me you’re going to stop.” Hasselhoff, who awkwardly tries to... full story

Bullock files for restraining order

Sandra Bullock has filed to get a restraining order against Marcia Valentine, the fan who tried to run over her husband, Jesse James, last month. Valentine charged at James five times with her Mercedes at the celebrity couple’s Orange County home. In her request, Bullock reveals that... full story

Borat star insults Madonna

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen told Loaded magazine that he insulted Madonna on the phone when she called him up to discuss collaborating on an upcoming project. “I got a call from someone claiming to be Madonna,” he told the magazine. “I thought it was a prank... full story

Lost losing fans

The once highly popular TV series Lost lost a number of fans when producers pulled the show off the air for a three-month period. Prior to November, when the show did its publicized disappearing act, it was getting 15.1 million viewers per week. Currently, it’s receiving 11.9... full story

Spider-Man musical sets records

The stage version of Spider-Man is looking as if it may be the most expensive musical of all time. This summer’s staged reading could cost almost $30 million to bring to Broadway. U2’s Bono and The Edge are writing the score, while Tony Award-winner Julie Taymor will direct.... full story

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