Christian Bale never planned to marry

Christian Bale

Christian Bale "never planned" to get married.
The 'Dark Knight Rises' actor admits seeing his loved ones divorce when he was young meant he didn't hold the institution in high regard but soon changed his mind when he met make-up artist Sandra 'Sibi' Blazic, who he went on to marry in 2000.
He said: "I never planned to marry. Everyone was divorced in my family so I didn't have very healthy ideas about marriage. Then I met Sibi and suddenly it seemed a fantastic idea."
Christian and Sibi have a seven-year-old daughter Emmeline and the actor thinks being a father is the "best thing ever".
He added to East Living magazine: "Nothing can prepare you for fatherhood. It's the best thing ever.
"I don't want to leave my daughter's side for one second."
While Christian is very close to his wife and daughter, the same cannot be said of his relationship with his mother Jenny or sister Sharon, who he hasn't spoken to since a furious row at his London hotel before the UK premiere of 'The Dark Knight' four years ago.
A new biography of the 38-year-old actor - who was questioned on suspicion of assault following the family row - claims the fight stemmed from an argument between Sibi and Jenny.
The book, written by Christian's former personal assistant Harrison Cheung, says Sharon told a friend: "Mum had put the phone down on Sibi about four months earlier because Sibi was being confrontational. Sibi then phoned and apologized.
"On the night we met, Christian began an argument with mum over never putting the phone down on his wife again."
Sharon and Jenny are said to be unhappy with previous reports that the argument started after they asked the 'Fighter' star for money.
The book, called 'Christian Bale: The Inside Story Of The Darkest Batman', reports she added: "We are all very sad about the accusations of us demanding money from him.
"We have never asked for money from him. Money was not even mentioned by mum or myself. We were not arguing about money and had no intention of doing so. We went there to see family and to go to the cinema.
"We had all been getting on fine. There was no need for an argument at all. We had all been looking forward to an evening together after so long."

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  1. Mary • July 4, 2012 @ 9:02 PM

    The headline for this story should instead read, Bale’s Former Assistant Stabs Actor in the Back: Betrays Him with Money Grubbing Tell-All. Gross. This is why celebs force confidentiality agreements on their staff.

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