Did Sparks lie about vocal training?

Jordin SparksAmerican Idol winner Jordin Sparks, 17, has said several times that she has never had any vocal training, describing her singing talent a gift from God. However, her vocal coach, Melissa Black, told MSNBC she was “hurt for a week” by Jordin’s denial. She claims she gave the teen weekly lessons when Jordin was about 14, saying “I knew she wouldn’t take long to perfect her craft because she was so good.” However, Black adds, “Jordin didn’t have to mention my name, but at least acknowledge you had training.”

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Comments & Discussion

  1. GLENN • June 1, 2007 @ 9:48 AM

    Who cares, other than Miss Black??

  2. MoFo • June 1, 2007 @ 10:09 AM

    Who cares because these shows are stupid and this is non-news. Cindy Sheehan was right that in the US more people care about who wins the idol show than what’s going on in their war in Iraq.

  3. vranakumpel • June 1, 2007 @ 11:14 AM

    This just sounds like another instance of where someone just wants to grab onto the winner’s bandwagon and drag them down. As GLENN said, who cares, other than Black, who may or may not, in fact, be Sparks’ vocal coach.

  4. Canadian Frog • June 1, 2007 @ 11:26 AM

    The buck drives the USA except when it is for soending on the Iraq war. Black is trying to give herself credit…..and make a buck.

    Jordin sings marvelously and that is all that counts.

    The only thing I would change on the show is the host: he stinks and gets too personal with the judges.

  5. Jay • June 1, 2007 @ 12:21 PM

    Jordin who?

  6. Angie • June 1, 2007 @ 1:02 PM

    Why does Jordin feel she has to prove she is better than she is, by trying to prove she is a complete natural? What in her has to deny support she received from a coach, when that in itself is a marvelous thing. We all help each other, and that help is good and need not be denied. It is not being in the truth and trying to prove she is different than what she is. She is perfect as is, coach or no coach.

  7. Samantha • June 1, 2007 @ 1:12 PM

    OK so first it happend when she was 14, a few years ago. So who cares? I mean Yeah they might have had some great sessions but YOU don’t teach someone how to sing in a YEAR! Singing the way she does has to come naturally NOT by force. But having someone jump her band wagon is just NOT cool it’s NOT bad enough the poor girl will now have to try to figure out who her friends are again she’s gotta deal with some OLD teacher? That’s so NOT cool let her enjoy her fame at least for a few months befor YOU try to drag her down. And for that matter why didnt’ this teacher step forward befor? Why is it ONLY now that Jordin has won the American Idol contest that this teacher is coming forward. What a jerk!

  8. Scamp • June 1, 2007 @ 4:52 PM

    pEOPLE!!! pLEASE!!!!
    GOOD GOD MAN!!!!

  9. bubleBoy • June 1, 2007 @ 4:59 PM

    Wasn’t there an asian kid a few years ago who made it a point of having no training, and he had his 15 minutes of… She Bangs She Bangs! 🙂

  10. Gewher • June 1, 2007 @ 5:01 PM

    What happened to Sanjaya?

  11. deborah stalker • June 2, 2007 @ 6:24 PM

    quit your lying and you should be grateful and at least acknowledge whom helped you along the way.

  12. cherry • June 2, 2007 @ 8:59 PM

    I believed all of the top ten were ok.
    Well what can i say, Jordon won the Americano hearts so they vote for her.
    Sanjaya lost,but he is still my boy.
    He sings better than the SHE BANG SHE BANG.

  13. dranreb • June 3, 2007 @ 5:33 PM

    After Haley Scarnato voted out in this show, i stop watching the show. Where is she now? She can be a movie star, she is so beautiful.

  14. Yvonne • June 5, 2007 @ 12:05 PM

    Who cares. Everyone knows that Melinda should have won that show. Sparks last 4 weeks were filled with flat, off-key notes. Was anyone else even listening or were they all tone-deaf?

  15. Yvonne • June 5, 2007 @ 12:06 PM

    BTW, check out your nearest porn site. I’m sure you’ll find Scarnato on it.

  16. Velvet • June 9, 2007 @ 12:03 AM

    Every since Kelly Clarkson in Season 1 and then Rubin Studdard (the velvet teddy bear as they called me) from Season 2, I stopped watching. I don’t care. In my opinion, from the first time watching this season, which is when it got down to the Final 4, I felt the “Doolittle” girl had the goods, but sure enough, it could be technical photo difficulties or plain stupidity that they would have Jordin win instead of “Doolittle”. Sorry, cannot remember her first name because I only watched one episode of this entire last season. And Ryan Seacrest for me is like listening to someone put nails upon a chalkboard. How on earth did he get that job? How on earth is he in show business? Something is very wrong with America that they spend more time focusing on this show and phoning in, instead of picking up to phone in to The White House to tell George Bush to get his soldiers home to their families so that we don’t need to see one more image of yet another casket with the US flag on top of it. When will the carnage end? When will Americans wake up? It looks like never.

  17. Velvet • June 9, 2007 @ 12:05 AM

    “(the velvet teddy bear as they called HIM)” and
    “technical PHONE difficulties”


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