Foul play suspected in Bobbi Kristina investigation

Bobbi Kristina BrownBobbi Kristina Brown‘s longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon is reportedly under police investigation for foul play after suspicious injuries were found on her body.

According to sources, their arguments, which at times turned violent, stemmed from jealousy – but not your typical couple’s jealousy. Nick reportedly was envious that Bobbi Kristina was the focus of attention and not him, even though he also grew up with Whitney Houston.

According to reports, Max Lomas, a friend of the couple who found Bobbi Kristina, said he got to their home at around 9 a.m. and was told by Nick that Bobbi Kristina was in the bedroom. The two men hung out for a short time, but Nick wandered off at some point – Max told authorities he’s not sure where Nick was. A cable guy arrived around 10 a.m. and Max, who couldn’t locate Nick, let him in – that’s when he discovered Bobbi Kristina was not in the bedroom. He found her in the bathtub and yelled for Nick, who came and performed CPR.

Max also told authorities Nick subsequently cleaned the house, removing blood stains.

Police are reportedly looking into the possibility of an altercation between Bobbi Kristina and Nick hours before she was found in the bathtub of her Atlanta home.

Bobbi Kristina is still on life support after being found face down and unresponsive in her bathtub on January 31. ~Sandra D. Sukraj

UPDATE: According to reports, Nick Gordon has told documentary producer Daphne Barak that the bruises on Bobbi Kristina’s body were from him performing CPR on her. WSB-TV reports that while that could have caused the chest bruising, police are still concerned about the injuries on her face and mouth area.

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  1. Wendy Fung • February 9, 2015 @ 5:41 PM

    To day from the Channel 7’s with its clear motivation effort . From that ” placing a rotating fan near the peeling onion area, the fan rotating action will vapour Onion fume to be under the disappeared situation. As the result people who peeled the onion will not face tearing stage .
    Not long ago ( April 11th of 2006 ) while I taking my flight from Montreal to Winnipeg . Some culprits ( who could be an irregular arrival and who been used my name without my consent as his imperial Identity purpose . ) He did pay his bribery to the authority staff and have swapped his seat to be ahead of my reservation seat. Once the flight took off into the sky . His name ( could be Lawrence Chan but wore his elaborate mask )to turn on the Ceiling fan and let the CO2 emission/vapour to strike my face area .” Motivation was to trigger my breath to absorb those CO2 emission -vaporing into my body . That was the set-up killing method if I was under the weakest point of health . I just felt dizzy during the three hour flight jouneney to reach home . I had to stay in bed for almost 4-days period and gradually to be recovered . During those few days in Bed period that I did see Lawrence Chan drove his car to be rotation -style near my living area . Obviously his motivation with his alleged to kill me with the CO2 Emission -vapour style and no body could be blamed for. That was L.Chan’s motivation of offenses .
    Critics said Miss Bobby Brown must be as the ” fortune target ” for her lived in partner as Nick Gordon . No wonder why her coma body have the bruise marks been discovered by the police forces . Motivation that police will soon get the straight answer from Nick Gordon . Stay tune !
    Another intensive discovery that one victim’s car been advised by her husband to park the car near the ” Mouth of her Home’s Driveway ‘ the next day her car been vandalism with ” driver seat window -glass scattered around the seating area . Victim’s reported to the Police Station where the fake Police staff as Jack Green ( with his bogus badge number as 1818 /1880 been blasted by the mid-night time . Before that Jack Green paid the bribery to her next door girl ( she was only 15 by then on the April of 2008 time .) to wrongful testifying the victim’s breaking glass action ( imaging the nasty girl was the crook and lied by her heart of her alleged testing as the bogus witness ) . Later the Victim had to pay the deductible of $200.00 dollars to get her car passengers front seat fixed .
    That not all, while the victim took her to be her near by Murray Chevrolet garage. Where the Autopac Adjuster (with Russian’s name ) shown by that Murray Chevrolet -garage and advised the victim to take her car to the Glass place which located by the ” Maple /McPhilip Street as one and only private Glass repairing location ” with he flyer attached . The motivation was there . That culprit adjuster of that 420 Pembina Hwy location and Jack Green would know better of themselves .
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