Gilmore Girls: First look images from Netflix

Do you hear that, Luke? “I need coffee in an IV.” The Gilmore Girls are back, thanks to Netflix. They are bring backing the popular show in four 90-minute episodes and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has taken back the reins.

Netflix has given us our first chills with first look images from the show. Let’s just say, “Once your heart is involved, it all comes out in moron.”

Sit back and let’s soak in the first of many perfect punchlines and witty anecdotes only true Gilmore Girls fans would love. “Oy with the poodles already!”

Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore

This image makes us curious. Did Rory follow up on her campaign trail as seen in the season finale? Or did her love for books draw her into teaching? Or is she back at Chilton to give a speech?

Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore

The disapproving Mrs. Gilmore is back! We wonder what would she would now think of Lorelai. One of my favorite lines from Emily: “You can use your mother’s old golf clubs. They’re upstairs gathering dust along with the rest of her potential.” Snap. This calls for: “Lorelai Gilmore, disappointing mothers since 1968.”

Rory Gilmore and Emily Gilmore at Friday night dinners

Oh! Looks like the weekly Friday night dinners are still in session. A glass for Rory, perhaps?

The folks of Stars Hollow

This image reveals that the town of Stars Hollow is hosting a Stars Hollow: The Musical. Now this is gold. Would Kirk run around naked or in another man’s pants? What is Rory wearing? Is she auditioning for the town hippie?

Back at the Gilmore house with Rory and Lorelai

Yaasss! The Gilmore Girls are back at the house and we see take-out food and lots of coffee. After all, “I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words putting into sentence doing.” Amen.

Stars Hollow town meeting

Oh joy, the town meetings. From the looks of Lorelai and Luke, Taylor might be wreaking havoc again.

Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson as Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes

Lo and behold, this is what we’ve been waiting for. The couple that finally got together. Lorelai and Luke. Will Amy Sherman-Palladino finally end the series with those four words she wanted for the show but never got a chance to reveal?

We can’t wait to see what the show dishes this year. In any case, we can be sure Lorelai and Rory will bring their A-game and so will the rest of the cast. Until then, “Coffee please, and a shot of cynicism.”

~Marriska Fernandes

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