HBO’s Sharp Objects a terrifically twisted thriller

By Marriska Fernandes on August 28, 2018 | 2 Comments

HBO's Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams and Patricia ClarksonHBO’s Sharp Objects is one twisted psychological thriller that immediately grasps your attention as you try to piece together the clues thrown your way. But while the murder mystery is the main plot, the real mystery is Camille Preaker. Her past is a puzzle, and with every episode we learn more about her family, her late sister and what really happened with her mother to ruin their relationship.

Camille (Amy Adams) is a reporter who is assigned a case of two missing preteens, one of whom was found dead. When Camille realizes that these events occurred in her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, she is less than thrilled to be assigned the case, but her editor insists it’ll be good for the paper, and for her. With several bottles of bourbon packed to go, she leaves — with a sense of dread.

As soon as she arrives in Wind Gap, we are shown flashbacks of her time as a young teen. The first stop Camille makes is to the police station to know more about the crimes and the suspects. Eventually, she visits her mother’s (Patricia Clarkson) house. Adora is less than pleased to see her eldest daughter at the door. Adora lives with Alan (Henry Czerny) and their daughter, Camille’s half-sister Amma, who is approximately the same age as the victims.

Camille starts to question people around town, hoping to get enough material to quickly write a story so she can leave. Unfortunately, not many are interested in sharing any details with her. While driving around town, Camille is among the first to find the body of Natalie Keene, the second missing girl. Her teeth have been pulled out and her body has been perched on a windowsill in an alley.

Now, everyone is on edge, with gossip plaguing the town — some even accusing Natalie’s sensitive older brother John, because he was considered to be “too close” to his sister. Kansas City Detective Willis (Chris Messina), who was also sent to Wind Gap to investigate the crimes, is just as unwelcome as Camille. They tentatively exchange information in the hopes of solving the case.

Each of the eight episodes in this miniseries offers insight about the murders, the victims and the suspects. But we are also given silent flashbacks of Camille’s past, including the death of her younger sister Marion, who was always sick. The episodes get darker and at times, graphic. Camille deals with the emotional turmoil from her childhood with self-inflicted wounds, hence the aptly titled series.

The biggest twist is the revelation at the end when the killer is revealed. We hardly get to digest this news and instead of revealing why, the series leaves you with just one stunning line. You’re left shocked, as you wrap your head around the events. The end credits show the shocking crimes. If you do want closure, the novel continues to tell us what happens next, but I think the way the series ended packs a solid punch.

Amy Adams is terrific as Camille. She plays the character so well — a woman dealing with the demons that stem from her own family. With little dialogue, she masterfully uses expression alone to convey her complicated and messy life. She digs deeper into the skin of a woman struggling and we can’t help but sympathize with her.

Patricia Clarkson is fantastic as a mother who torments her kids. Eliza Scanlen as Amma is also a standout, playing the popular girl who has issues of her own. Her flawless facade masks a lot and for that Eliza deserves due credit.

Director Jean-Marc Vallée knows how to bring such complicated, graphic material to the screen. Overall, the series is brilliantly done and while it may be a bit slow-paced at times, it knocks you off your feet at the end. ~Marriska Fernandes

Sharp Objects is now available on Digital Download. The bonus features include Creating Wind Gap, Inside the Mind of Gillian Flynn, Anatomy of a Scene: Calhoun Day and Character Pieces. Sharp Objects will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on November 27, 2018.

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  1. Mamie • August 31, 2018 @ 4:45 PM

    Whoa! I had it figured out, now wait for it ????????????. Don,t tell. Fantastic series show – sure hope there is a second one. Best role I have ever seen Amy Adams in; she was so much of the suspense. All her family were suspicious characters, but you couldnt quite get the plot to flow evenly long enough without another gotcha. Thanks for a wonderful 8-9 weeks series. Great work by all involved. Made for a great summer of cant wait to see TV. Now wait for it . . .

  2. Mike • August 31, 2018 @ 9:55 PM

    The twist at the end was worth it!!!

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