Hostage situation at Chris Brown’s house

chris_brownSinger Chris Brown had a terrifying incident occur at his home early Wednesday morning. Three men with guns broke in to his upscale mansion and took his aunt hostage.

The three men were there to rob Brown’s new house. His aunt, who had been staying with Chris, was ordered to get into a closet with a gun in her face and told to remain there while the three men ransacked the house.

They took as much as they could, including money, jewels, and a variety of other items.

The aunt called 911 shortly after the ordeal and police raced to the scene but it was too late, the robbers were long gone.

Chris was not home at the time, he had been photographed at a pre-ESPY Awards party that evening at didn’t leave until 2 a.m., at the exact time of the robbery.

Chris’s aunt wasn’t hurt but she was indeed shaken up after the event. ~Greg Chisholm 

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Comments & Discussion

  1. Sam • July 16, 2015 @ 11:29 AM

    Karma Chris Brown

  2. Josh • July 16, 2015 @ 12:12 PM

    Chris Brown should have been home. Maybe he could have gotten beaten by those robbers for hurting Rihanna

  3. Mary • July 16, 2015 @ 2:11 PM

    So not a cool comment Josh. I totally think what Chris Brown did to Rihanna is just gross, his aunt could have been hurt, she will forever be afraid of any noises in her house when alone, but one must be careful when wishing harm on others, sometimes that wishing can backfire. My mother always said be careful what you wish for.

  4. Greg • July 16, 2015 @ 3:49 PM

    Great comment Josh, Chris deserves a beat down.

  5. SHERYL ST LOUIS • July 16, 2015 @ 5:58 PM


  6. tyleisha • July 17, 2015 @ 3:58 AM

    chris brown sucks anyway.. I feel bad for his aunt but i agree chris brown shouldve been home so he could get karma oN what he did to rihanna…well said josh lol. Chris brown is such a loser… Lol. Nvr liked the punk.

  7. candy cane 21 • July 17, 2015 @ 4:09 AM

    True that tyleisha & Josh ..chris brown to me aint nothing but a woman beater! He probably wont get far in his career building a reputation like that…. After he beat rihanna no one likes him maybe the odd golddigging groupie … Lol =/ everyone i know jokes and insults him to the fullest since his rep went down… Making it large to ruin it all over his cowardness..cant fight men so beats a woman……… Great rolemodel eh?!NOT LOL. I banned his music from my club and home/ even took the songs he made off the jukebox..

  8. Jenna • August 24, 2015 @ 2:42 AM

    It’s not fair, as Chris Brown does not deserve any of this…terrible!!

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