Interview with Idris Elba, Zoë Saldana & Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Losers) I had so much fun at this film. I really enjoyed it. You guys looked as if you did not have any fun at all (laughing).

Zoë Saldana We were miserable! (laughing)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan This seems to be the first thing people are saying looking at us. It was really hard. And it was. We did not like it each other. Puerto Rico!

Zoë Saldana (we did not like each other) at all! (laughing)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan It was a great time. It was one of the more fun times than you can ever have going to work every day. I tell you that. I can imagine. You guys were put through the wringer, let’s face it. All the training. I understand you win the price for the most bruised up?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I did not know that there were prices. Other than maybe getting up 1 hour early to get iced down before the day started. What I realized is, that trying to do action movies at 43 years old is maybe not the best time to like start.

Zoë Saldana: Come on! Wink – wink. I remember looking at Silvan. There were a couple of injuries one more serious than others or whaveter at times. I remember once you had a little bit of a limp.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I ripped my harmstrong

Zoë Saldana: So little ripped. We were all walking in a slow motion scene with the American flag in the background. Jeffrey is in pain. And then we literally go to video village and we watched the playback and I am like: Was this the same man that was walking right next to me? He was limping and looked so sexy. You had a swagger. I am not joking. You had a swagger. I looked at Sylvan. We both looked at each other. Is that what is going on?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Pain pills! (laughing)

Zoë Saldana: (laughing). If you wasn’t there There is nothing like that. That is my favorite scene. There is nothing like a shot like that the five of you walking in that low motion. I love that. It looks great. Idris Elba It was really weird. When we were doing it was really tough because we could not take each other seriously. The music is going and the wind is blowing. You feel a little bit corny but it really transfers onto film.

Zoë Saldana: Chris was over that walking scene. Put me in the back row.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: It took us till May. Silvan was playing some music for us. I was begging him: Just turn off the music. (Laughing). It was ridiculous.

Idris Elba Just turn off the music (Laughing). It was terrible. As I can see none of you do get along at all. Seriously you get on a set. There are six of you – you really have to be tight. And to me it really did seem that you guys really got along on this shoe. What was it like just the bonding process?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: It was easy. I really would love to say how hard we have to work at being friends. But we really liked each other and we got along. Going to work was a good thing every day. We hang out even when the cameras were not rolling too. We got real close real fast. It needed to translate. You need to see this on the film

Idris Elba Just to add. It also extended to the crew as well. In Puerto Rico everyone was really cool. Really nice people to work with. It helped the process. We were doing some stunts and there was some dangerous stuff to do. Everyone felt safe. We felt supported. It really transferred on to film You are unbelievable in this film (Zoe) You kicked butt like I have never seen from a woman before. Way to go! What was it like to prepare for something like that?

Zoë Saldana: It was fun. Maybe for a woman, I do not like to taking NO for an answer. I am really demanding of myself. At the same time too, I have always been around men. There is nothing that kills me the most when men have to change or have to mold their behavior because I am around. I want to be treated the same. They guys never discriminated that privilege. Ever ever ever. At times I wanted to take my voucher. My little girlie voucher. It is a little bit too much. I do not drink the whiskey, dude.

Idris Elba Not the keg guys. Not the keg! Come on Zoe (laughing)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I never remember you not wanting to drink the whiskey.

Zoë Saldana: I knew they were all physically agile. They would all come with it. Aisha was a very demanding role. The good thing about it is that I worked with the same stunt coordinator that worked on Avatar. He trained me for one year for Avatar and then trained me again for the Loser. I just hold on. Just kick my butt. Just make me do what Aisha is. I do not want to limit here. I want to meet her where she is at. There was tons of fun. There were tons of bruises. There was often – please do not touch me.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: She is a tough girl man. She is not going to say no to say anything that has been asked from her for one. She has the competition thing going. We all did. There is no holding her back. Ever. You know obviously from Watchman and then even from Star Trek and stuff. There is always the fan base that comes with theses types of films. Does this every come to mind that if you take on these kind of characters, and you know that there is this built in pressure a little that you do not want to disappoint the fans?

Zoë Saldana: A little bit

Idris Elba The director has the majority of that weight. Because he has to transfer his ideas and keep in mind what the comic writer has already written. What we do though is we bring the character to live. The skeleton is there and we add the flesh. What is good about it we are allowed to be a bit creative but at the same time a lot of it is just there for us. The audience loves it when you pay attention to details. Roque was white in the comics and then I show up. But I put the scar on. The audience appreciates the details. The small little details.

Tribute Are you guys comic book fans? Did you know about this comic before you even started?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I first read this script almost 4 years ago. So I have been aware of this. Then I read the comics after I first read the script. I became a comic book fan since Watchman. A lot of stuff that is being done in Hollywood right now is based on comic book material. So it is good to be in the know and aware of the characters out there. It is a great medium. It is great for Hollywood right now too.

Zoë Saldana: It is good stories too. It is imaginative. It is vivid. You do not have to stick a real stigma. You can raise the bar and challenge yourself as storytellers and filmmakers because we are on to the whole concept that we are doing a comic book and therefore there are less guidelines that you have to keep than when you telling a true story. For us it is not that it is a playground, it gives us more space to grow as artists and have a really wonderful time with our crowd.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: It is a playground (laughing)

Idris Elba It is a playground (laughing)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: It is a colorful nice playground (laughing) I would wish I would get such a gig and get paid for it. It is awesome!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: You have a great gig! I have a good gig. I am not complaining.

Zoë Saldana: Losers too will have you. I want to be there. Who was the biggest troublemaker on this set?

Zoë Saldana: Oh dear. Idris Elba Colombus

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Colombus and Chris! Idris Elba JYD (laughing)

Zoë Saldana: Oscar (laughing)

Zoë Saldana: Sometimes sylvan, you never know

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: We all had our moments. I understand you saved a little puppy on this set?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Bandit. Bandido. He is home from Puerto Rico. He walks around the house like the biggest lotto winner in the world

Zoë Saldana Remember when I told you that. He rescued Bandido. It is this little tiny thing. He has a broken leg as a car hit him or something. He takes him to the vet and restores him for 3 months. All of a sudden the first month when you meet Bandido and he is about to die. By 2 months he is running on the set barking at everybody. “Yo, where is my dad?“ Then you spoil the crab out of him!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: He is worse now.

Zoë Saldana Oh my god.

Idris Elba When I saw him. This is the ugliest dog I have ever seen in my life.

Zoë Saldana He has a weak eye. He is really skinny at the hips. Jeffrey Dean Morgan: He is little bit a disaster

Zoë Saldana He was looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Idris Elba He is not good looking!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: He is good looking now, I show you a picture!

Zoë Saldana He is such a proud papa (pointing at Jeff)!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Calling my dog ugly! Are you insane? (laughing). I will fight you right now (laughing). You guys are great. Good luck with this movies. Losers too. I will be there.

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