Interview with Jennifer Lopez & Alex O’Loughlin (The Back-up Plan) Congratulations guys for this movie. It is so hilarious! Jennifer, I have to say that with your film career, you always get the hot co-stars. What is up with that?

Jennifer Lopez: You know what? Some people are just lucky! (Laughing). You are one of them?

Jennifer Lopez: Yes, thank you. When you guys first met. How did you know that it would click? Because in these romantic comedies you need this chemistry?

Alex O’Loughlin: Yea. When you meet people it is like when you go to a bar or when you go to a party whatever. You meet people.

Jennifer Lopez: (interrupts) It was just like that we went to a bar! (laughing)

Alex O’Loughlin:  It was just like that. We went to a bar and we just got hammered (Lauhing). You know if you meet people you either like “next,” “whatever,” you are bored, or you are like “you are funny”.

Jennifer Lopez: Or you like “You are cool. I like this. This can work.”

Alex O’Loughlin:  This is how we met. Or there could possibly be a friendship there or not. And we did. We are buds. We were laughing at each other at no time. We both have a sense of humor. The other thing was we talked about the movie. I remember you being really clear with me how you felt about the script and how your artistic vision and the arc of Zoe and Stan. I was like “right on”. This is how I saw it too. This was really important. This is great. Jennifer, big screen comeback for you. I can just imagine how this …on so many levels.

Jennifer Lopez: Absolutely. I mean having gone through a pregnancy myself. Then for this movie it was like perfect timing. It was spot on for me to play this character. It really helped me. It really did.  Emotionally and physically how it felt was so fresh in my mind. Was it a bit strange getting back into that again?  When you were pregnant did you experience any crazy carvings like Zoe did?

Jennifer Lopez: Zoe had enough cravings for I think about five pregnant women. I did not really have a lot of carvings. Lucky you!

Alex O’Loughlin: I have heard of stories where women crave for the weirdest things: “I want a schnitzel covered in peanut butter with glucose syrup.”

Jennifer Lopez: I think some people just use it as an excuse to really pig out. To be really disgusting. I am just going to eat this is my opportunity. I waited for this my whole life. I was not one of these people.

Alex O’Loughlin: Men do that anyway. It must be so difficult being a woman sometimes.

Jennifer Lopez: Thanks for the acknowledgement! (Laughing)

Alex O’Loughlin: Men just say “I want a Wiener Schnitzel with a glucose syrup” but women – you guys do not feel free to do that. Alex, Jennifer has two beautiful twins. Did you give you baby fever at all?

Alex O’Loughlin:  I would love to. I am a father of one son.  He is the center of my everything. I would love to have more. He is 12. If the time was right. If I met the right person. I would totally be up for .. team.  Buy a minivan. But, I am not right there. Jennifer, what is the best thing that has changed since becoming a mom?

Jennifer Lopez: The thing that has changed since becoming a mom? My life is better. Everything about it. It is harder and it is more challenging. But everything is so much more complete. Excellent. Congratulations guys.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin: Thank you.

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