Jackie graces us with its arrival on Blu-ray/DVD: review

Natalie Portman as Jackie on Blu-rayThe three-time Academy Award-nominated film, Jackie, can grace your film collection as it is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

The film depicts the heart-wrenching days following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the woman who had to lead her family through the grief of their loss — Jacqueline “Jackie” Kennedy (Natalie Portman).

Jackie gives an account to LIFE journalist Theodore H. White (Billy Crudup) of how her life changed after that day and what she did to cope and to honor her husband. She claims, though, that while it will be an honest account of her experience, it will, nonetheless, be a carefully edited one.

After seeing her husband murdered in front of her eyes, we see Jackie struggle with her faith as well as with what the American people should be privy to while planning a tribute worthy of her late husband. Jackie is forced to contend with the expectations of the White House, John’s family, as well as her own all while leading the transition of her family out of the White House where she is no longer the First Lady.

She strives to give her husband the funeral she feels he deserves as a great man and President, likening him to Abraham Lincoln, but is reminded that the world is watching, and there are inherent risks in what she is planning to do.

Jackie‘s story is a constant jump from the film’s present day to the past. Throughout the film, we see Jackie work to heavily curate what the American public both see and read about her husband. The film touches on the juxtaposition and conflict people close to the late President, like Jackie and John’s brother, Bobby, have between the idea and spirit of John F. Kennedy, versus what was actually accomplished during his tenure in the office of President of the United States — that it is not so much about what he did do, but what he could have done. Jackie Kennedy struggles with a similar sentiment, particularly regarding what she could’ve done to save her husband.

Overall, the film is a moving depiction of the intimate days after the JFK assassination. Natalie Portman gives an excellent portrayal of the former First Lady, one known for her grace, style, poise and trademark voice. She works well with Peter Sarsgaard, who also gives a great performance as John’s grief-stricken brother, Bobby. And it is through their top-notch performances and the story of Jackie that we see the murder of JFK as not just the loss of a President, but also the loss of a husband, father and brother.

Special Features:

From Jackie to Camelot documents the making of the film. It features interviews with director Pablo Larrain, the cast including Natalie Portman, and crew members about nearly every aspect of bringing Jackie to the big screen. Everything from how a replica set of the White House was made and how they sourced the precise furniture and fabrics from the time, to the score and how it is meant to be powerful and memorable, to the tireless effort Natalie put in to portray the famous First Lady — including her voice and her mannerisms. From Jackie to Camelot also has the cast and crew discussing the woman herself — how Jackie Kennedy tried to portray her husband in a certain light while still dealing with the day-to-day needs required to transition after the death of a sitting President.

* The film’s special features also contains a Gallery that shows various production stills and photos from the making of Jackie.

Seen Jackie? We’d love for you to review it here~Alexa Caruso

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  1. Katie • March 14, 2017 @ 4:32 PM

    I really liked Greta Gerwig’s performance in this. Thought the score was fantastic too.

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