Jennifer Lawrence pens essay on Trump victory: “Let this enrage you”

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence is yet another Hollywood star who is candidly speaking out about November 8’s incredibly divisive election results.

In an open letter titled “Don’t Be Afraid, Be Loud: Jennifer Lawrence on What We Do Now,” Jennifer asked some of the questions that nearly half of Americans have been asking themselves since Donald Trump‘s shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

“Is this the stark reality? It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how qualified you are, at the end of the day, if you’re not a man? Is that what we just learned?” she began the letter, which was published on Vice’s Broadly website on Thursday. “This country was founded on immigration and today the only people that feel safe, that their rights are recognized and respected are white men.”

The Oscar-winning actress then admitted that while staying positive and supporting America’s democracy may be difficult, the more pressing question remains, “What can we take away from this?,” calling it “a genuine question we should all ask ourselves.”

Amid the incredible backlash and countless protests across America following the results, Jennifer then said that it’s important to look towards the future in this time of transition.

“We shouldn’t blame anyone, we shouldn’t riot in the streets,” she urged. “We should think strongly and clearly about what to do next because we cannot change the past.”

While the Passengers star encouraged Americans to work harder at making change for the next generation, to “love your neighbor more than you’ve ever tried before,” when it came to what to tell young women, she struggled to find the words.

“If you’re a woman and you’re worried that no matter how hard you work or how much you learn, there will always be a glass ceiling, then I don’t really know what to say,” she wrote. “I don’t know what I would tell my daughter if I were you. Except to have hope. To work for the future.”

She continued, “We’re all allowed to be sad that the present isn’t what we thought it was. But we mustn’t be defeated. We will keep educating ourselves and working twice as hard as the man next to us because we know now that it is not fair. It is not fair in the workplace, so you make it impossible to fail. And like Hillary, it might not work.”

Jennifer concluded the essay by boldly imploring Hillary Clinton supporters to stay strong, and to continue to “be an inspiration” and “get important things done,” just like the former Secretary of State herself.

“Do not let this defeat you—let this enrage you! Let it motivate you! Let this be the fire you didn’t have before. If you are an immigrant, if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a woman—don’t be afraid, be loud!”

What do you think about Jennifer’s essay? Let’s continue the conversation below!

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Comments & Discussion

  1. LaBeef • November 11, 2016 @ 4:43 PM


  2. DJ • November 11, 2016 @ 5:34 PM

    What about Melania Trump being the first immigrant woman to hold the title of F.L.O.T.U.S. Isn’t that saying something? Not trying to add insult to injury here. I genuinely think this is something to celebrate.

  3. Marie • November 11, 2016 @ 6:49 PM

    It is a really good essay…did she really write that???

    Don’t worry, Ivanka and Melania will keep him on the straight and narrow…have faith!!!

    He is up to the challenge and maybe a little respect can go a long way…deep inside most outwardly chauvinistic men, are little boys that really want to be adored and respected…they just need a little motherly love and guidance along the way 🙂

    Calm down and have a wonderfully successful term America!

  4. Fizz • November 11, 2016 @ 7:11 PM

    52% of women voted for Trump.

    As once Tweeted. “It’s not him it’s you”

  5. Gilles • November 11, 2016 @ 8:22 PM

    I would like all woman to celebrate that a woman has been able to achieve all the things that Hilary has, and getting to the position of having the opportunity to run for President of the United States! The fact that she wasn’t successful is not a slight on women, it’s that the people spoke that she’s not the right woman for the job. There will no doubt in the near future a woman President, let’s focus on that, not the conspiracy that the people only voted this way because she was a woman.

  6. Theresa Reeves • November 11, 2016 @ 9:28 PM

    the apple does not fall from the tree
    Ivanka is one talented woman who has
    been recognized by her father.
    More women are graduating from medical schools and going into research
    and know how to stay the course. I have three daughters and being female
    never stepped in their way….focus and hard work carried them through and they
    today they are recognized. Life belongs to you to do the best with what you have
    and push your self forward your are in competition with yourself.

  7. Katie • November 12, 2016 @ 9:20 AM

    Remember, Clinton won the popular vote! The electoral process is flawed. Also remember that Ivanka has had every advantage possible to “set” her up for success: wealth, elite membership, powerful connections. Don’t stupidly suggest that “all women are created equal.” Tell that to the single immigrant or Latino or Black or poverty stricken Mom who is just getting by day to day.
    Ivanka? Probably downloading Michele Obama’s latest speech and tweeking. For her own use!
    Ivanka and Melania are both members of the privileged elite! And you think they understand the ordinary citizen’s struggles?! Naive.

  8. martin • November 12, 2016 @ 11:43 AM

    I wonder there is a glass ceiling for women actually….
    Hillary Clinton also said this word on the concession speech though…

    Anyway it got to be so difficult to predict what happen to things next..
    Brexit, US presidential race,….what is next?

  9. evee • November 12, 2016 @ 2:40 PM

    When you consider that Trump’s platform was to be nasty and degrade all others by literally bulling his way to top spot; achieved bankruptcy more than once with his business sense, is “smart” for not paying taxes and makes his money branding “TRUMP” he could have been an orangutan running for office. I hope the voters will not be too disappointed in his performance playing the part of “President”. His supporters choice was “CHANGE’ and for good or bad; change is what they got.

  10. Jay Raskin • November 12, 2016 @ 2:42 PM

    Jennifer Lawrence is a racist and sexist. She is trying to keep the workingclass divided and at each other’s throats, so she can enjoy the $31 million she made in 2013, the $52 million she made in 2014, and $46 million she made in 2015. Careful Jenn, the race war and sex war you’re hoping for might turn into a class war and you may not be on the winning side.

  11. minique • November 12, 2016 @ 3:45 PM

    This crap about Trump daughter being successful. She is successful because just like her father she didn’t struggle everything was handed to her. The women who voted for this man should be ashame after how he degraded women. We are not going back to separation. America was always great. It is for us to work together and don’t let someone like Trump use fear to divide us

  12. John • November 12, 2016 @ 4:34 PM

    Jennifer it is the lies that you and other media groups are spreading that is the problem. The sex of the candidates is not the reason that Trump won. Check the polling stats and you will see that he got more votes from all different voting groups and Hilary only got one % more of the female vote than Obama did. So maybe you should be blaming women instead of white males.

  13. Steve • November 12, 2016 @ 5:51 PM

    Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t seem to understand what a lot of people are failing to understand…..that Trump wasn’t elected because he’s a man or because he shows great leadership qualities. He was elected as a HUGE f*** you to the establishment. People in general want and deserve positive change SO badly that even the mere possibility that Trump might do something for them is enough for them to vote for him regardless of what they think of his morals or scruples. And don’t forget, it’s not a dictatorship. It’s a democracy. He will not have ultimate authority to do as he pleases.

  14. Yousry • November 12, 2016 @ 6:00 PM

    Do not blame trump. Blame the racist Americans. Welcome to 1950 America.

  15. Wanda • November 12, 2016 @ 10:44 PM

    I did like the essay and how Jennifer encouraged to stop rioting and work respecting each other and their choices. One day a woman may be President. Maybe, but until then, we must respect that Donald Trump is President and we need to pray he will be the best President yet. I am not even American but what happens to USA impacts Canada.
    We are neighbours so I hope Americans and Canadian will love their neighbours.

  16. Robin • November 12, 2016 @ 11:21 PM

    All these movie stars and famous people trying to shove their crappy opinions down our throats.
    I AM SORRY YOUR CANDIDATE was not elected but maybe if she was not a crooked, evil, back room dealing, criminal then maybe she would have been elected.
    The DNC should have stuck with Bernie and they would probably control the WhiteHouse and Senate now.
    The people of America voted a firm vote of WE ARE TIRED OF THE CORRUPTION IN AMERICAN POLITICS.
    The American people are tired of CIA sanctioned arms sales to people that are supposed to be our enemies. Tired of politicians that should be in jail but instead run the country. Politicians that sell out the country to huge corporations that have anything but the best interests of the American people in their business practices. Selling out the country to Big Pharma that jacks the rates on cheap drugs and controls the health insurance industry so that so many people cannot afford to have health insurance.
    Tired of politicians with no integrity at all.
    HILLARY lost because SMART people saw through her BS and choose a man that is so far from perfect and has so many issues BUT they choose him over her because they KNEW he would be better even with all those flaws and issues.

    Suck it up buttercup and set a standard to all America to live to. Use your position of influence to set the standard for integrity, honesty, and compassion.
    Teach the youth of America that is the new cool instead of being gangsta being cool.
    The lection is over, so get over it and time to get to work helping America become the great nation it once used to be.


  17. Rhonda Jackson • November 12, 2016 @ 11:28 PM

    What she understands…it that he did indeed play his “TRUMP” Card…he targeted, the uneducated, the poor and the naive WHITE AMERICANS…yes…he is a businessman…who has stolen and cheated…suppliers and hard working AMERICANS….THOSE…that are saying…LAZY…to other AMERICANS….CHECK…the statistics for WELFARE…in every state…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…check…for EVERY STATE IN AMERICA…and compare to the WHOLE United STATES of FREE AME#RICAaaaa

  18. Liam • November 13, 2016 @ 5:48 PM

    When a society looks to celebrities for political answers, they end up with celebrities governing over them.

    If societies took the time to monitor what is truly going on in their country and what role their country is playing on the world stage – rather than spending non working hours on entertainment, putting a celebrity and/or corrupt people in office would be prevented.

    Turn the televisions off and seek the truth.

  19. Snepts • November 14, 2016 @ 3:42 PM

    The internet is the greatest thing that ever happened for the KKK, to whom I say, shake off those robes of oppression and yell, “I’m here, now feel the fear!”

  20. Jannika • December 26, 2016 @ 2:07 AM

    Yup, that shluod defo do the trick! [url=]fahyrwa[/url] [link=]qiombsos[/link]

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