Joe Jackson suing for wrongful death

Joe, Marlon, La Toya, and Tito Jackson arrive at courtMichael Jackson‘s father is planning to sue the singer’s doctor for wrongful death. Joe Jackson insists the amount of prescription drugs given to his son leading up to his death last June was equal to second-degree murder and is launching legal action against Dr. Conrad Murray, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Joe’s attorney Brian Oxman said of the medic’s actions: “The continuous administration of drugs over six weeks — Murray gave him Propofol every night — that is Russian roulette, that is loading six bullets into a gun with only six chambers.” Joe’s civil action — which is expected to be filed within 90 days — could run parallel to the criminal trial of the physician. Earlier this month, California’s Attorney General Jerry Brown filed a petition to have Murray’s medical license restricted. The petition states Dr. Murray — who is accused of administering the prescription anaesthetic Propofol to the pop legend — of “poor professional judgment and placing the life of a patient in jeopardy.”

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  1. Carol • April 2, 2010 @ 9:22 AM

    shouldn’t he wait until the courts find this guy innocent or guilty? And it’s a shame that any family member, especially a parent, would try to make a fortune off his or her child’s death. Tacky to say the least, disrespectful to the memory of his son.

  2. mandee • April 3, 2010 @ 1:13 AM

    i agree with you, i wonder if its really about the money for joe though? i dont personally know him, so i cant say much.

  3. moondog • April 3, 2010 @ 2:47 PM

    joe looks like he needs a doc wonder if dr murray is avail?

  4. tributegirl • April 3, 2010 @ 9:48 PM

    Carol, I agree, it seems like Joe has been looking to profit from Michael’s death right from day one. I find Joe to be a very disgusting man, I just can’t stand him, never could.
    mandee, lol, really we don’t personally know any of the celebs we comment on!

  5. Marcell • April 3, 2010 @ 11:01 PM

    The man only cares for himself. He needs no money and if he does win, what will he do with the money, bury it with him. Everyone knows, he does not care for his son’s kids but only his greed. At his age, his health should be more important than the green.

  6. mandee • April 4, 2010 @ 8:39 PM

    lol i know tg 😛 i was just trying 2 be funny ! 😀 i dont follow anything about joe so thats actually why i cant say much because i have no idea how hes been with things since or before MJS death.

  7. Trish Shields • April 4, 2010 @ 11:47 PM

    Let’s not forget that Michael fired his father as manager for abuse and hinted mismanagement. This looks like another attempt to get money he hasn’t earned. i feel sorry for the kids – they’ll have to deal with this man for some time, especially now that he’s already saying he speaks for his dead son and Michael’s children.

  8. Luke Alexander • April 5, 2010 @ 4:48 AM

    I do agree that they should wait for the courts decision to take place before planning to sue. The doctor has been charged with already. I hope this kind of justice be given not only to the rich and famed. Wishful thinking so I guess:-<

  9. tributegirl • April 5, 2010 @ 8:34 AM

    I know, mandee, I was just kidding around! lol
    Joe abused his children from a very early age, the kids were only able to live with Katherine with the assurance that Joe would not be living there, right after MJ’s death, Joe was looking for an extremely high “allowance” from Michael’s estate, Joe was NOT included in MJ’s will, Joe said something about MJ’s kids being in show business & said he’s “watching Paris”, meaning he thought she has a big chance of making it big in the entertainment industry, and now this. Joe’s an a$$ and I hope he gets nothing.

  10. Carol • April 8, 2010 @ 8:42 PM

    So if he can sue the dr, maybe Michael’s kids should sue him for being a lousy abusive father. Although I fully believe we take responsibility for our choices as an adult, Joe played a very negative role in his son’s life. So if he wants to be foolish and sue, someone should sue that b*stard.

  11. tributegirl • April 9, 2010 @ 5:30 PM

    Carol, I couldn’t agree more. I think all Michael’s problems and strangeness stemmed from the abuse he suffered as a child.

  12. mandee • April 10, 2010 @ 2:05 PM

    i agree with you both. if you completely missed out on a normal childhood due to abuse and being forced to be on a stage, wouldnt you try to recreate that missing youth once you were an adult and away from the hands of your cruel father?

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