Jon Voight attacks Fonda over TIFF protest

By Alexandra Heilbron on September 10, 2009 | 15 Comments

jon_voightJon Voight, who starred with Jane Fonda in the Oscar-winning film Coming Home, released a letter to the media yesterday accusing her of “aiding and abetting those who seek the destruction of Israel” and said she is “backing the wrong people again.” Fonda signed her name to a letter of protest against the Toronto International Film Festival’s decision to spotlight the city of Tel Aviv this year, and threatened to boycott the festival.

Voight wrote: “She is getting into the mix of a very serious situation that many Israelis have given their lives for. Her whole idea of the “poor Palestinians” and “look how many Palestinians the Israelis killed in Gaza” is misguided. Does she not remember what actually took place in Gaza? Did Israel not give the Palestinians of Gaza the hope that there could be peace? In response, did Hamas not launch rockets from Gaza into Israel, killing many innocent people? This seems to me to be another one of Jane Fonda’s misplaced “patriotic” duties toward the wrong people. I was in Israel. I saw the rockets coming down on Sderot, and visited many families who lost their loved ones. How long can a democratic country keep from defending itself?

“I accuse Jane Fonda, and all those who signed the letter with her, of aiding and abetting those who seek the destruction of Israel. After six million people were brutally slaughtered in the Holocaust, the Jewish people took a barren desert and cultivated it into a magnificent oasis. Time and again, they offered the Palestinians land. The Palestinians always refused. They don’t want a piece of the pie; they want the whole pie. They will not be happy until they see Israel in the sea. People like Jane Fonda and all the people whose names are on that letter are assisting the Palestinian propagandists against the State of Israel. Tell me, my Canadian and American friends, would you give up land you lived in for 3,500 years, just because someone decided they want it?”

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  1. whatever • September 10, 2009 @ 2:23 PM


  2. Alutep • September 10, 2009 @ 7:19 PM

    As usual, BOTh these Hollywood numbskulls are trying to over-simplify something WAY over there heads.
    Yes, Israel has a right to land.
    Yes, the Palestinians have those same rights.
    The Israeli’s shouldn’t be building in the occupied territories.
    The Palestinians shouldn’t be shelling the Israeli’s.
    EVERYBODY should stop supporting EITHER of these peoples.
    If the US would stop it’s massive financial aid to Israel and if all the covert money/weapons were stopped before reaching the Palestinians, they’d eventually either kill each other off or learn to deal with each other. The last thing either side needs, is a bunch of Hollywood-platform-seekers.
    Enough, already.

  3. Sean • September 10, 2009 @ 7:34 PM


  4. LUCAS • September 11, 2009 @ 12:07 AM

    i knew the jews lived in isreal for a long time, but 3500 years?!?!?! we’ve got to find out there secret to eternal life. WHY HAVE THEY NOT TOLD US????

  5. Guardian • September 11, 2009 @ 3:11 AM

    What an idiot.

  6. Shauna • September 11, 2009 @ 8:18 AM

    he should stay out of it

  7. Kim • September 11, 2009 @ 8:29 AM

    Finally someone important stands up to that loudmouth Jane Fonda. She should keep her big nose out of politics, she does more harm than good. I suppose she supported the Nazis way back when too.

  8. Nancy • September 11, 2009 @ 10:08 AM

    Well, I’m no fan of Angelina’s daddy but I have to say, he speaks the truth. Fonda wasn’t going to be there anyways…and you’re right Kim, she is a “loudmouth” and “should keep her big nose out of politics”.

  9. Susan • September 11, 2009 @ 10:21 AM

    You’d think Hanoi Jane would’ve learned by now to keep her opinions to herself. She just exposes her own ignorance when she spouts off on subjects she knows nothing about. Typical celebrity behavior to jump on the “cause of the month” bandwagon & sign a petition for something they have no clue about. Thanks to Jon Voight for telling her (and the rest of them) off.

  10. mandee • September 12, 2009 @ 11:52 AM

    wow. magnificent letter !!! i didnt pay much attention to the jane fonda article because i didnt quite understand what they were talking about. this made it perfectly clear, and i agree with the letter he wrote. BUT, jane has the right to choose whos side she is on and there are bound to be differing opinions because people died on both sides and peoples families suffered. i dont have a side in this because all i know is what ive read in this specific article. but, i do think that jons letter was written perfectly. susan, just because someone has their own opinions and thoughts on this subject and they are not the exact same as everyone elses doesnt mean that she is “ignorant”. she is entitled to talk about whatever she feels is right in any situation, just because she doesnt agree with jon and whoever else, doesnt mean her point is any less valid.

  11. Spanky • September 12, 2009 @ 5:00 PM

    The land in question is and has always been contested in the 3,500 years Voight brought up. The Jewish state we see now only began after the Allies handed it over to them after it was taken during WWII, so they have not always controlled it. As long the Jews and Muslums share the same holy spots they will forever fight for it’s control untill one or both are gone. For those two to get involved in something that will never end in our lifetime just shows how dumb hollywood actors really are.

  12. Kinneret • September 14, 2009 @ 11:57 PM

    This is so refreshing…thank you John Voight. Just when I thought the world was turning against the Jews once again and that the world was irrationally finding a justification for hating the jews once again…you come John and show us that there is support for our thousands of years of connection to our land ….our years of struggle against the Palestinian muslim fundamentalism that everyone hates every where else in the world except in Israel…because in Israel they are freedom fighters…but everywhere else in the world they are militant killers. Thank you for being there.

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