Josh Flitter interview from Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective DVD

Q: Hey Josh, congratulations on your very first starring role. Any pressure?

J.F. Yes, this was my first main character role so it was a lot of work and I had a lot of lines I had to learn but that was okay. There was a whole courtroom scene that I had a page and half straight of lines.

Q: Well, pat yourself on the back; your hard work has paid off! There’s some pretty funny stuff going on in this movie.

J.F Thank you very much, I had a lot of fun making it.

Q: I can just imagine, it looked like you had way too much fun.

J.F. It was the most fun I ever had making a movie because there were so many kids and animals all over the place. I absolutely love animals and I got along so well with the cast, everyone was so amazing.

Q: I know you have two dogs of your own, so it must have been great for you to work with your doggie sidekick co star?

J.F. Yes, he was a great dog to work with. He was on top of everything and knew where to go and he knew his lines (laughs).

Q: It’s good to have a co-star who behaves!

J.F. It was good that he wasn’t one of those tight snobby dogs. He didn’t even need a script, he knew his lines, came on time to set, it was all good.

Q: Did he ever run to his trailer and have a tantrum?

J.F (laughs) No, he was okay. No tantrums from that dog although his stand-in was very angry because he didn’t get a lot of on camera time!

Q: Josh, what kind of fan were you of the original “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective” and how many times did you watch it to get into Jim Carrey mode?

J.F. I was a huge fan of the original movies. The thing is about my film is that Ace Ventura Jr. is not an exact copy of Jim Carrey. I mean who is exactly like their parents, right?

Q: Right!

J.F So it’s cool, because he’s his own ball of fury! (laughs) He says the same catch phrases like, “Allllllllrighty then!” That’s my favorite of course, but he’s not the exact same person. This one is a great family movie instead of just a movie for adults. Ace Jr. gets into his own mess of trouble but it’s the kind of crazy stuff a kid would get into.

Q: Did you ever have the opportunity to meet Jim Carrey?

J.F. I was in “Horton Hears a Who ” with him but because we all did our voice work separately. I didn’t get a chance to meet him on that. However, I met him when I was about eight or nine. I did a day of shooting on his movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” so I got to work with him on that.

Q: Well Jim’s a great guy and I am sure he would be proud to see you following in his comedic footsteps.

J.F. It’s pretty amazing (my mom had just reminded me of this) but when I met him then he said to me, “I’m going to see you in Hollywood one day.”

Q: Well there you go, he gave you his blessing.

J.F. Yeah, I guess he did.

Q: Let’s get back to all the animals you had to work with in this film. Besides dogs, there’s a toad, hedgehog, a baby alligator, just too many to mention. Did you have any funny or crazy animal mishaps on the set? They can be pretty unpredictable.

J.F. One time I was holding a skunk and it jumped out of my hands and everyone kind of freaked. He was a pretty nice skunk but if you got too close to him, he would try and jump at you. Luckily he wasn’t a sprayer, they took the sprayer out so he wouldn’t stink up the place.

Q; Thank goodness.

J.F. Yeah (laughs), that wouldn’t have been so nice. But he still scared some people on set because they didn’t know that he couldn’t spray so it was pretty funny.

Q: I love your “Ace Ventura” hair. What was it like wearing the wig?

J.F I’m proud to say, that was NO wig!! That was all my hair!

Q: No way!

J.F. Yes, it was all my hair.

Q; You’ve got a nice head of hair, Josh.

J.F. Yes I do. I love my hair. It was hilarious, they teased it and they used like twenty pounds of hairspray to get it to stay up ( giggles). It was pretty disgusting but it looked great.

Q: It looked great, but it looked heavy, like a helmet.

J.F Yeah, it was sort of like that. It was pretty hard. At one point in the movie I actually tried to flick it and it wouldn’t move and I thought, “This is not normal.”

Q: You got to film in Orlando, Florida—did you get to visit any theme parks and have some fun time too?

J.F We got to go to Disneyworld once. I went to Universal Studios a lot because we were like five minutes away. We also spent a lot of time in Gatorland which is near Universal, so that was cool.

Q: Now I understand that it wasn’t all work for you Josh. You got into some mischief while making this movie. Can you tell me about the raw tortilla dough incident?

J.F. Oh no!!! (giggles) That was hilarious. Oh, the dough. Well, Austin Rogers (my co-star in the movie), we went to this Mexican place and they actually give you dough to play with while you are waiting for your food. So we thought, this is cool. So I flipped mine up but it stuck to the ceiling. So we got more dough and we went outside and we started throwing it at the building. It was sticking to the restaurant. We would come back every week and we’d get more and more dough and it really built up on the side of the restaurant. We even got a big bag of dough to take back with us to our apartment and we would drop some off the balcony. It was hysterical. We made sure no one was below. That would be gross to get that stuff in your hair.

Q: Yeah, I’d say so.

J.F The last thing we did with it, was we were thinking if dough is warmed up, doesn’t it become bread? So we decided to put some in the microwave and it set on fire. Luckily we got that out really fast. Don’t try that at home kids!!!

Q: There are some great extras on the DVD like a gag reel, special features, and a segment on your animal co-stars and their behavior on set. It must be nice to know that when you are shooting there’s somewhere for all of the extra stuff to go.

J.F. I did so many extra things so it is great that you have the opportunity with DVD to put in all of these extra crazy moments and takes that we couldn’t put into the movie. The director David Evans was so great because he let me write a lot of things that you see in the movie. He came up to me and said “What do you think Ace Jr. would say in this situation?” Or, “what would you say in a certain situation?” So we used a lot of my dialogue. So when I was watching the final cut of the movie with my friends there were a lot of times when I was like, “I wrote that!”

Q: You have already had the opportunity to work with so many great people, but working with the great Robin Williams in “License to Wed” had to be a highlight. What did he teach you about comedy?

J.F. He was amazing because he really showed me that you don’t have to try to be funny. He always told me just be yourself and you will be hilarious.

Q: What advice do you have for kids who are budding stars or want to make it into the entertainment business?

J.F. I kind of have the same advice. I always say, just be yourself and good things will happen for you. If you walk into an audition trying to be a hot shot everyone’s going to look at you and know that you’re not natural. If you just walk in and you’re quirky and a silly kid, then people are going to look at you and say that kid’s hilarious. He’s fun to be around and looks natural. I always go into an audition with an open mind, I always try to be myself and so far it’s worked out great.

Q: What have you got coming up next?

J.F. Right now I am in Utah working on a movie called “Snowmen.” It’s great but I play the bully this time so it’s something a little different from the crazy comedy I did in “Ace Ventura Jr.”

Q: It’s good to mix it up and show some range. As long as you’re just a bully for the movies, then that’s okay! So, any last words as to why kids and families should rent or buy Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective on DVD?

J.F. I think everyone should see this movie because it’s just not your typical movie that is aimed at adults, this one is funny and everyone can watch it. It’s a lot of fun, it’s got a lot of animals, it’s got loads of physical comedy, especially fart jokes—stuff kids love!! There’s no cursing or violence so it’s very good for families to watch together.

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  1. Alondra • June 29, 2012 @ 7:31 AM

    Josh Flitter made me laugh in this interview! (laughs) I have watched Ace Ventura Jr. Pet Detective and I loved it.

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