Justin Bieber depressed by meeting fans – cancels meet and greets

Justin Bieber at Tape nightclub in London in Feb 2016Justin Bieber‘s fans may be repeating the title to his hit track “What Do You Mean?” as news has broken that the pop star is cancelling all future tour meet and greets.

Justin delivered the news himself through an Instagram post late Tuesday night. The photo he included is of him embracing a young female fan, but the caption is where the real story lies.

The 22-year-old singing sensation wrote, “Love u guys.. I’m going to be canceling my meet and greets. I enjoy meeting such incredible people but I end up feeling so drained and filled with so much of other people’s spiritual energy that I end up so drained and unhappy..”

He continued, “Want to make people smile and happy but not at my expense and I always leave feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point of depression .. The pressure of meeting people’s expectations of what I’m supposed to be is so much for me to handle and a lot on my shoulders.”

Justin wrapped up his ramble when he wrote, “Never want to disappoint but I feel I would rather give you guys the show and my albums as promised. Can’t tell you how sorry I am, and wish it wasn’t so hard on me.. And I want to stay in the healthy mindset I’m in to give you the best show you have ever seen ;)”

It wasn’t long after Justin made his statement that Bkstg, the company controlling the Canadian celebrity’s VIP packages, confirmed the decision, pointing to a recent security scare as an additional factor in the choice.

In a message directed at fans, the company wrote, “During a recent show, there was a security incident that caused our team to have to meet and re-think how meet and greets were handled.”

They continued, “This is a new tour with new venues almost every night and still a changing process, but we have decided for the time being that this is our best course of action.”

Bkstg is offering refunds but only if fans who made purchases also forfeit their concert tickets as well. Otherwise, they can swap their meet and greet ticket for what is called a VIP hangout ticket, which would allow fans to see Justin and lounge near him but not pose with the singer for selfies.

The VIP packages were selling for $900 to $2,000.

Justin’s Purpose World Tour began on March 9 in Seattle and will end with a London show on Nov. 29. The tour includes 114 performances across North America and Europe.

~Matthew Pariselli


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Comments & Discussion

  1. birdman_38 • March 24, 2016 @ 10:24 AM

    Poor baby. He makes about $159,000 per day. I could see how that would be stressful.

  2. sheila • March 24, 2016 @ 10:34 AM

    from a Canadian (me) …I must say there is a lot more to this story than what is being told Honestly charging that amount and then letting his fans down over this flimsy excuse…..well he is just another product of the young personalities of today…no balls nor grit nor ability to follow through on much of anything

  3. Lana • March 24, 2016 @ 11:33 AM

    Spoiled,rich,self-centered,way too young to appreciate fans that made him rich. Being overwhelmed with popularity in such a young age..wonder how he will behave through years ahead? Come down to earth Justin before it’s too late.

  4. Cynthia • March 24, 2016 @ 11:41 AM

    He’s rich enough already, why does he have to grab another $2,000 out of fans pockets who are wealthy or stupid enough to spend that kind of ridiculous cash just to get a selfie with him? He’s always saying he loves his fans, no, it appears he loves their money.

  5. Nick Norris • March 24, 2016 @ 11:54 AM

    birdman_38 that’s pretty insensitive of you. How much money you make does not compensate for emotional stress. Even positivity can be stressful when you’re having to put that out for an extended period regularly. Chemically speaking, once your body runs out of ceratonin, endorphines and the like, it’s like crashing after drug use.

    Celebrity or not, he’s still a human being.

    If this had been a different celebrity, perhaps one you adore, your opinion ‘might’ be different.

  6. Susan • March 24, 2016 @ 12:15 PM

    I know how he feels. Thats how it is when I spend the afternoon with my mother.

  7. Tori • March 24, 2016 @ 12:24 PM

    It is his decision to make. However, only giving a refund if you forfeit your tickets? Or not get ANY of that money back just to “lounge” near him…that is not right.

  8. Mack • March 24, 2016 @ 12:37 PM

    he could at least give the money back.. come on. Love him or Hate him – you have to admit that’s pretty sh*tty of him.

  9. frozzie • March 24, 2016 @ 1:40 PM

    I agree…he should get the money back to the fans…..the fact that he doesnt want that any more is his own business but not to give the money back…well that just tells me what im to polite to say here….greed people ….greed….cancel the bonus , lose the ticket….how fair is that!!!! Dam Justin ….do the right thing will ya?????

  10. Dan • March 24, 2016 @ 2:15 PM

    I agree to an extent to what people are saying with the money. However, I doubt Justin has total control over what he does, the money he charges, pretty much everything but the music and even that is controlled to a point.
    Like someone already said, he is pretty much a product at this point. This is potentially the beginning of the JB crash. Justin might have a very iffy track record but I wonder how much of that was subconsciously him acting out b/c of all his restrictions. He signed a contract so damn young and it probably still controls his life.

  11. Snepts • March 24, 2016 @ 3:58 PM

    His fans must be heartbroken, but he’s human, after all.

  12. NL73 • March 24, 2016 @ 4:51 PM

    He needs to grow up and realize that he is only famous because of his FANS!

    He could shorten the meet and greets. He could sell less VIP tickets so that there are less selfies taken. If he has more than one show in a city, he could have a meet and greet for only one of the shows.

    There are several ways to lighten this load on him.

    And the fact that they will only refund money if tickets are forfeited, well that’s just pure greed!

    As far as I’m concerned, he is acting like an immature, self absorbed, spoiled brat!!

    If he wants people to see him as a mature adult, he should act like one! If it’s all too draining for him, then maybe he should give it all up and run home to mommy.

  13. J • March 24, 2016 @ 11:03 PM

    and how many young actors and singers have we lost to suicide. I don’t think he’s been selfish about wanting to be mentally healthy. And second of all I don’t think any of you know what it’s like to have to project this image all the time. Also I don’t think he can control what his management company does to his fans. I don’t even like the guy and I can tell that he’s doing this for his mental health and I doubt he has that much control over what the concert promoters do to his fans. He doesn’t make those kind of decisions.

  14. Mike • March 25, 2016 @ 2:12 PM

    If he wasn’t such a greedy arrogant little f***, he would at the very least allow people to get a proper refund. But if people want to fall for the bullshit and pay between 900 and 2000$ to hang in the same “VIP lounge” with this child, then I guess that’s their thing. The suicide justification idea is also a weak ass f***in excuse for the little bitch. We all have our problems in life we have to deal with. He already took people’s loot and is not givin anything back in return.

  15. Trudy frank • March 25, 2016 @ 7:07 PM

    Maybe he needs a break and just be a normal kid for a while ,his fans will still love him –I think he needs to take care of himself mentally and physically !!He has been doing this since he is 14 yrs old !!He is only human ! Come on people stop bashing him !

  16. Jennifer Periard • March 26, 2016 @ 2:05 AM

    He has no control over the money charged for stuff like that. He only has control over what is included. Meet and greets don’t usually include selfies, usually just warm up and greetings.
    I find it incredibly sad that he feels he has to be a certain way in front of his fans although he’s probably still feeling unsure because of the media lashing he gets every time he “screws up” in the publics’ mind.. He is hard on himself and wants the shows to be perfect.
    I love him no matter what and don’t expect him to be perfect. He is a young man having to learn life in the public scrutiny.

  17. Neil • March 26, 2016 @ 8:49 AM

    Sadly, Justin Bieber is a product of bad upbringing, a mother who didn’t know how to raise him, and was greedy for fame and fortune, and put that above the well being of her child. Even though she created a spoiled kid, or maybe as a result of it, she didn’t know how to protect him emotionally, and sold him to the wolves.

    So, no surprise, he’s growing into a privileged narcissist. Sure he has every right to restrict access to himself, but if he doesn’t want to do it anymore, he should dictate to his promoters to return the fans full costs, and maybe even give them a FREE concert ticket, instead of punishing them for having bought the VIP package, seems bait and switch to me. This is just typical — don’t take any responsibility for your own actions. The fact that he allows his promoters to “sell his air” to his fans, rather than allowing him to just be a real person who may occasionally, without payment, have an audience with some of them, says a lot about him and his promoters.

    I wonder how many of his fans were “drained and unhappy” by his prior antics as a “bad boy”? He’s lucky his fans are still mainly adolescents who will “love” him regardless of what he does or how he treats his “public”. More mature fans would walk away from this kind of “always out for a buck” mentality.

    He’s certainly entitled to his own time and solitude, if that’s what he needs and wants, but he needs to stop commercializing everything he does if that’s the case. And if it is his promoters who are the “greed machine” he needs to find a good entertainment lawyer and break his contract with them, I’m sure he can afford it.

    He is no longer 14 years old. Time to start acting like someone who can control of their own stardom. Part of that is getting over the addiction to money and fame and get real.

  18. Anne D. • March 26, 2016 @ 3:47 PM

    Hi, after reading people’s opinions I agree with NL73 on March 24 and Neil on March 26.

    He should be grateful that he stills has so many fans who wants to see him after all the stunts he pulled off in the past. Asking for more money from his faithful fans to meet and greet him because it leaves him drained and depressed is outrageous! Can’t they see that?

    He is Young and full of energy. If the Rolling Stones can still tour, and they are three times older, he can too.

    If he continues this way he won’t have to worry about his fans because another Young talented guy will take his place and he will be forgotten, like many others like him.

    Wake up!

  19. Abc guy • March 28, 2016 @ 7:09 PM

    From someone who gets where he’s coming from you guys are being quite harsh. It’s a product of being empathetic but not experienced with it, and, being an empath, I can tell you he’s not being winey, it’s true what he’s saying.

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